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Practice Sessions in Adelaide?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ST59, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. G'day folks, just wondering if anyone knows of any organised practice sessions in Adelaide of the kind that some members run in Sydney or Melbourne (e.g. like UncleGreg does). I'm getting to the point where I should be going for my Advanced RiderSafe course to lose the yellow tag, but am nowhere near confident enough at this stage. I've tried doing some slow manoeuvre practice on my own, but without some face to face pointers, I just don't seem to be getting it. I've been told to practice "full-lock" turns, but I'm just bumbling around without any modicum of success.

    Would appreciate some help.

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  2. have you watched twist of the wrist 2 ?

    it's on here somewhere and also on youtube.
    definitely worth a watch imo.
    i thought i was a good rider till i watched it and i have ridden for a lot of years now off and on. I don't mind admitting i'm not as good as i thought i was, and didn't know as much as i thought i did.
    but definitely better for watching that vid...

    id'e offer to help out but not sure if id'e be helping of hindering
  3. If you give us enough money for the packing crate and postage, we'd be happy to ship uncle greguncle greg over to you.

    Good luck with the search. I'd love to see practice sessions organised all over, not just Melbourne and Sydney.
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  4. um
    its not me who organises the practice rides in melbourne
    its hawklordhawklord and GreyBMGreyBM
    i just host loiner friendly rides
    because i like cake
  5. Hi Steve, if you're southern based there's a Facebook group I'm part of that would happily help. it's mostly just organised rides, but anyone wanting help of any kind is always looked after. I'm personally happy to help with some 1in1 riding to help with the slow-speed stuff, or just general riding. Cheers.
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  6. Steve,
    I am in Adelaide and could help. But it will be a few weeks because my wife is in for an op next week. She should be good in about 3 week, if that would work for you.
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  7. G'day Simonr23 and Eric, Thanks for the offers. I'm in the North, but I'm happy to travel. Let me know when you might be available.

    Simon, I haven't been on any organised rides yet, and would be interested in doing that as well. When you say "southern based", how far south are we talking about?

    GreyBM, how big a crate do you need? Are you sending uncle greg over with his bike, or just him?
  8. uncle greguncle greg, sorry, I thought you were involved with the practice sessions as well. Your name gets mentioned quite a bit on the forums.

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  9. Yes: Ahem! :whistle::whistle: uncle greguncle greg is infamous. :sneaky:
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  10. lol
    im not eating tonight
    but drinking heavily
  11. He's worse when he's drunk. We're going to need a bigger crate.
  12. fixed
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