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practice ride - updated king georges road

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by althasaur, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Hello all,
    Went for a ride today, tried out some "twisties" that are not so severe around sydney
    Went around near the Cricketers Arms, near the drive in at blacktown and past eastern creek raceway.

    Also tested the brakes.. got up about 70 and jammed them on.. :) stops very well I must say.

    One thing I noticed is my hands started to get numb after a while. :(

    I am wearing Rjays Supra Summer gloves at the moment.

    It however might be more a vibration thing though. I am going to have to get the tire pressure checked I think.

    Overall was a good day.

    Need to take more time in gear changes and turn my silly head... but hard to look through a bush to where I want to go... :)

    Also saw a group of 3 heading out for a ride, near the cumberland highway/ m4 interchange. :) Wonder if it was some netriders?
  2. Re: practice ride

    Too much weight on your hands, mate. Grip the tank with your legs and use your back to hold you up. It'll hurt for a while, but your body will get used to it. You'll "find" muscles you didn't know you had. :grin:
  3. With hands getting numb probably too much weight on your hands to be my guess...

    When I ride my hands dont get numb but I get a tingly sensation after a long ride(>45min). I think its my high reving bike....
  4. scrap thoughs theories, its a cruiser gents, if he is putting weight on the bars there is a real problem

    relax your grip on the bars, you won't fall off, you only need the lightest of grip on the bars, just enough to hold the throttle open, without it closing(springing back) on you
  5. Opps,, I didnt look at what bike it was.... :p
  6. A cruiser it is... :)

    Thanks for that qbnspeedfreak, it is a cruiser... and I have started to just rest my hands on the bars instead of gripping them.

    But I can still feel I high frequency vibration coming from somewhere.. unless it is just the crap roads I am riding on... Supsension is set to the hardest setting atm... :) 100kg bloke here... :)

    Any more thoughts at all?
  7. even being a big bloke, i would suggest you still soften up the suspension a little probably a mid to high setting, just not as hard as it can go, unfortunately the roads in australia aren't in race track condition, and having the suspension set up hard won't be doing yourself or the bike any favours, maybe try adjusting the bars back towards you a little so you don'thave to hold your arms up as far?

    maybe get some softer grips fitted

    thats about all i can think of
  8. I hear the hyo does have a lot of vibes, not much you can do about that id say, relax the grip, buy thick gloves??
  9. Thanks for your thoughts everybody.

    I went for a ride on Henry Lawson Drive From Merrylands to South Hurstville
    But started to get a bit sore on the way back.
    I think the bike is to small for me. :(

    Can't join the IBA just yet.. :D
  10. Dont forget that riding an mc is like everything else, it takes practice to get strong, muscles are worked that dont get worked with anything else (almost anything :oops: ) :twisted: So dont blame the bike straight away, ride for a few months and youll get your bike fitness.
  11. yeah they do vibe bit , but thats all part of the vtwin engine tho , down low my bike vibes heaps but when you open her up it gets smoother