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VIC Practice ride - Christmas hills

Discussion in 'VIC' started by spec, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, I'm planning to go on a practice ride today. Route will be Doncaster -> warrandyte -> Christmas hills -> yarra Glen -> healsville.
    Let me know if anyone wants to accompany me. Just a practice run to improve my skills, got a spare day, weather looks good, thought I'd go for a ride :)

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  2. You must rather post in the Ride and Event Announcements section - some people might be watching for Vic events that pop up there
  3. Have fun mate, one of my usual quick runs. If you want a nice run of twisties on the way back go up from Heakesville to Kinglake via Toolangi, then Smiths Gully back to Warrandyte. This will put you on the super twisty bit out of Kinglake which can be tricky if you're a new rider, so take it easy.
  4. Except that Kinglake to St Andrews is a narrow twisty road - not sure I'm ready for that one yet, especially going downhill. It's on my list though along with the warburton - reefton loop, maybe late this year once I'm confident on my skills.
    I've done both of these by car.
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  5. I did think about it, but that sub forum looked more for planned rides - not sure if I can post there.
    Maybe a moderator can move this one...
  6. All the best..good weather too.

    Have fun and don't forget to take pics.
  7. Moved to Vic Announcements.
  8. Ahh yep the Goat track .
  9. Looks like you're having/had a nice day weather-wise. Some nice twisty roads over that way:playful:
  10. Yeah, was a good day and a good ride - Posted some photos on the other topic.
    Does anyone know if the speed limit on Christmas hills section was reduced to 80 at some point?
    While I was riding, I didn't feel the need to slow down before entering the corners....

    I also noticed a sign just before the twisties - Had a photo of a bike and the wordings stating 330 crashes since 2002.
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  11. Lol it's 80 all the way..has been for years, certainly since I've been riding here.
  12. Pff. I crashed there this year and it was 330 well before my crash.
    Lazy council workers.

    and its been 80kph max from kangaroo ground to yarra glen for years...
  13. The Yarra Ranges council runs a great beginners ride, even if you don't ride with them they have the map up on the council website. Lillydale, Healsville, Tollangi, Lillidale.