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Practice MOST Test in the Eastern Suburbs

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by robbie3786, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    As some of you may know, i failed my P's Test, basically i was wondering if anyone knew where i could practice the Skills test either with someone (mentor) or by myself or with other learners in the easter suburbs or anywhere near mascot.

    If anyone knows somewhere where i could lay out the course then that could be helpful too...

  2. Well I am no pro BUT I passed the test on my RVF400 so I should be able to gve you some tips. I know a nice place to practice down near the loop (its on Prince of Wales drive).

    I am in Maroubra... So just give me a time and a meeting place, if you want to meet or just google map Prince of Wales drive and head down there. Its in between the second last and the last speed bumps i am pretty sure (painted on the road, is a cone weeve and the U turn).
  3. hey rob,

    i've got my test next week and have been doin a bit of practice near the 'bra at heffron park day/and/or night. (the prince of wales drive course closes at night)

    pm me if you want or go to netrider site. there are regular most practices going on.
  4. Head to Molineux point (behind the wharf at port botany)
    The site is marked out for the test... practice the lot there :)
  5. hey

    would you be interested in explaining about the test and what they specifically failed you on?

    i would be interested to hear. so would my mate, his name is George - furryfrog on here.
  6. Howdi,

    Erm whats youre email? i can send you the PDF doc with the obstacles....

    Basically, when you first get there they Instructor does a general overview of your bike e.g. tyres, brake lights indicators and horns...

    Then they'll take you into the classroom and go over things you learnt in your Pre learners such as the 3 second gap, as well as 5 second observation(minimum) after that tthey'll take you to the testing area and from memory there basic exercises and what not just like riding around etc..

    Then a short 15 recess....

    After that, more classroom time, and then the road ride =D. With the road ride.... the instructor will Lead first then fall back to observe the first two riders and he continues to do this until he is the last rider. Basically at each checkpoint he'll give feedback regarding buffer zones, branking, Setting up and Squeezing and just basic constructive criticism.

    After the road ride... Lunch break for an hour...

    Then you begin practising for the Skills test for about an hour or 2 then the actual test etc... so yeah

    thats about it really..

    You can get the pdf from the RTA website showing the obstacles...


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  8. Wow that is a much better system than what we have over in WA. Over here you pay for your Learners, which includes a fee for your first test, you go out and do some lessons with an instructor and then come back for the test.
    But they are so backed up over here that you have to wait like 3 months for your test and when it arrives you only see the tester during the test not before. So you don't get a chance to know the assessor and so your nerves sometimes get the better of you and you make a silly mistake that you wouldn't normally do.

    I think I much prefer the system in place over there.
  9. thanks for the helpful info
  10. Thanks for the info Rob!