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practice makes .. better :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by emsie, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Today I ducked out for my first real "for no reason" ride :) I'm a little afraid of heading into the hills on my own and I wasn't available for the couple of learner paced rides that have happened this weekend here in Adelaide, so I traipsed out for a metro Adelaide ride :)

    First stop, local servo where I filled the tank up and checked the tyre air pressures - think I have a slow leak in the front tyre .. really should get that fixed :)

    Next came the Port River Expressway. Up until today, the fastest I'd gone was 70 km/h and only for probably about a hundred metres at that. Jumped it up to 90 km/h on the expressway and gosh, darn, I think I know what riding's about now :cool: Today was the first time I've been almost airborne/bowled over by the wind .. but wind caused by going fast :) I felt a little like a bobble-head toy to be honest *laugh*

    So that was one demon conquered. I had been a bit nervous about speed because my trips to work consist of mostly 40-50km/h zones and mostly stop/start - gets a bit boring :)

    Second demon to conquer was unfamiliar territory on the bike. As with above, I ride the same way to/from work most days and rarely through areas new to me on a bike (drive the areas but haven't ridden them). So, today I went through Port Adelaide and copped a bit of traffic there, then Semaphore, then up to Glenelg (via an 80km/h zone where I was even overtaking!) where I stopped for a much deserved Iced Chocolate and the conquer of another demon - parking the bike somewhere. Found a line of other bikes and parked next to them without issue - yay! :)

    All in all, I gained a whole lot of city riding confidence today and it was really the first time I've felt like I've started learning again since passing my advanced test. Up until today, it's felt like I've just been refining the basics which isn't the leaps and bounds I've been looking for :)

    Hopefully today's given me the confidence to take a ride through the hills with my brother and maybe to take the longer long way home from work for something different :cool:
  2. Well done emsie, keep up the good work. :)
  3. oh no i only found out what riding was all about on thursday after 17 months of riding a gs500f, its the upgrade :grin: :grin: :twisted:

    good work though its good to get out ther and to exerience the joy of riding for pleasure rather then abit of neccessity such as riding to work keep it up
  4. Good for you! I suggest you continue getting out there on unfamiliar rds - don't just stick to the one / two routes.
    And keep practicing...it does make you better :)

  5. Good on ya, just get out there as much as you can, the more you ride the more you'll wanna ride and the better you will get :grin:
    Have fun :grin:
  6. Woo, congrats. :)

    For my first week or two of interacting with the freeway I had definite problems with countersteering - I understood the theory, I could even describe the physics involved and why two-wheeled vehicles have to do it... I just couldn't wilfully push on the bars to make the bike lean more than a few degrees. Which was fun when I was ferrying my new-to-me VTR250 home on the M1 freeway. ;)

    So, my special hint to new riders approaching 100kph is.. Practice and experiment with countersteering at freeway speeds! Conscious, deliberate, "quick" countersteering at freeway speeds - I practiced by changing lanes on long empty-freeway commutes. Swerving from one lane to the other, almost.

    It's a whooooole lot heavier and slower than when they teach you on the skidpan at your Learners, and I think that's what threw me off when I first met the freeway. :)

    Congrats, again. :)
  7. Congrats, gotta keep expanding your horizons, always something new to learn.
  8. That scares the heck out of me. Because someone can just walk off with it, and even when i have the disk lock on i always hear stories of "it just takes 2 guys and a ute..."
  9. Funny you should say that. I was fine with leaving my bike initially; it was more the parking it without dropping it or otherwise making a fool of myself. I happily walked away and got a drink, then when I was heading back to the bike, I suddenly got butterflies and a little panicky about the possibility of someone hitting my bike! *laugh*

    Anyways :) Nothing happened .... this time ;)