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Practice for the MOS Test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kevin Power, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. So I am on my L's and am a big frame guy (bodybuilding and all that), so I needed to go with a bike that didnt make me look like I was on a tricycle. I went with the Hyosung 650R. It is a good bike and I love it, but when I just went and did my MOS test it was impossible to maneuver the cone weaves.
    Wondering if anyone knows of a place in or around Sydney, where the course is painted on the ground? I would love to just keep practicing, but need to do it in the proper sizes and distances.

    Any help or recommendations would be great!

  2. Saturday session at Homebush is a good place to find the course layout plus some friendly help and advice
  3. Just hire their bike for the test mate. A lot easier
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  4. If you practice enough to feel sort of ok on your 650 then hire a 250/125 it will feel so small and pointless that the whole thing suddenly become much easier. As far as the actual practice goes just find a parking lot and go through the motions increasingly tighter/more lock.
  5. Love this guy's stuff, it's relevant to the MOST test stuff here.