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Practice for MOST

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by NewToOz, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Hello folks,

    I've recently moved to Australia, and am in the process of converting my overseas licence to an NSW one. Part of this process involves me taking the MOST; for which I'm booked up on this Friday at HART St. Ives.

    I'm renting a Braaap Mercury 250 for the job, which I believe is light and nimble enough. I've read all the information on the RMS websites about the test itself.

    Wanted to know from the Sydneysiders out here if there's a good place to practice riding for an hour or two before I head up to the test center? Like a good, empty parking lot somewhere? I've read about the road by Benelong Parkway near Olympic Park - does the place have permanent markings for practicing the U, the coneweave and the Left turn?

    For context, I've been riding in various parts of the world for about 15 years now, for the past 4 exclusively on a HD 48. I've ridden everything from 100cc scooters to 1.2litre cruisers; and have clocked over 40k kms. But I realize that the MOST is more about slow handling and control; and I don't want to approach it all cocky.

    Any advice is appreciated.
  2. Across the road from HART is St Ives Show Ground which has a number of spots that will let you do the practices just fine. Nothing is layed out, but you'll find ample sticks and so on to give you a guide. I helped out a friend by lending him my bike for the test as his Harley wasn't road-worthy (rear brake didn't activate the light). He had a 10 minute practice at the show ground and was fine.

    The two "challenging" parts of the test are head checks and the u-turn. The u-turn will be fine, but worth building some confidence by laying out the actual measurements. The headchecks are a bit strange because you're on a closed testing field and there is no actual hazard, nevertheless you need to do an obvious head check everytime you start moving.

    edit: Hart will let you ride the course a few times before the test. If you are hopeless at riding (like I was) then you can still pass the test with putting your foot down a few times! I didn't have to do that, but it was part of my plan for the u-turn if I had a brain fart and completely forgot how to ride.
  3. That would be quite fantastic - if they let me ride the course a few times before I go up for the test. That's more or less all I'm looking for. So I just go there an hour before my appointed time and ask them if I can use the course?
    I'm pretty confident about my riding skills. I'd like to believe that riding in places like India and Thailand gears one up for more agile handling skills. But the fact remains that I haven't been on a bike since I've moved to Sydney (almost 3 months ago) - and it definitely can't hurt to get a good feeling for the course itself.

    Yea, about the headcheck - I plan to stick a big board on the fuel tank that says "HEADCHECK" so as to not forget it. I'm worried about the U and the coneweave - latter looks somewhat hard from the videos on Youtube, maybe it's easier in reality.
  4. You won't be allowed to ride there earlier than your booked time, but there will be some riding after your booked time and before the test. Cone weave should be pretty easy...maybe the camera zoom shortens the distance between the cones.

    To get used to the bike a run down to Church Point and back would be good fun. No Cookies | Daily Telegraph
  5. Howdy - welcome to the forum.

    To answer your question - there are fixed markings in yellow paint on the area at Olympic Park - you just need to bring some traffic cones to put on the first low speed weave section to make it worthwile.

    I would not be surprised if you found others practicing the course when you arrive there.

    As long as you have had a look at the MOST test section you should be alright. The test day consist of two halves - first half you get to ride around being followed by the instructor - key is to anticipate other road user's on the road and to buffer yourself (you do a small class section before hand - so just pay attention)

    Second half is the slow speed stuff - you get quite a few hours to practice the different aspects before you do the final test.

    Good luck

    What country do you come from? Welcome to Oz!
  6. I think he'll just turn up after lunch when doing the test as part of transfering a licence.
  7. I did my MOST at Hart St Ives, there was a rider who came just to do the second part of the day, he arrived early and the instructor let him join in with us practising beforehand.
  8. Right, what they said. I do not need to go through the pre learners or pre provisional courses. I only need to give the Rider's DKT (which I did a week ago) and the MOST (which I'm doing this Friday) - and I get an Unrestricted Rider's licence (owing to the fact that I've held an Overseas Rider's for over 12 years).

    GeorgeO, thanks for that information about Olympic park. I hail from India (which is the issuer of the overseas licence in question). I've ridden there for a large part of my life. Then I lived in the US for some 4 years, where I did a bunch of riding. I've been on biking expeditions in Thailand on a couple of occasions, which I found very enjoyable. And a couple of months ago, I've moved to Australia for the foreseeable future; and plan to do some riding here!

    So I have two choices, rent a ride in the city, go up to Olympic park and do some practicing and then show up at St Ives. Or rent the bike from HART at St Ives, land up there early, and hope to be able to get some practice time there.

    Appreciate all the responses folks!
  9. Since you are having to do the entire day MOST you will have plenty of time to ride around and get a feel for the course on the day, so if you show up early and try to get the bike you booked but they aren't ready/organised, don't sweat it. You have done enough hours on a bike to develop the skills required I reckon.
  10. No Sibi, I'm not doing the entire day. The day thing is a pre provisional course or something. The MOST itself is just the test which I understand is only the 4 manoeuvres on the marked field.
  11. Whoops I see sorry, if you end up getting a bike and going to Homebush, I can meet you there and go through the course on Friday morning if you like.
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  12. That's very generous of you Sibi. I've still not confirmed on what I'm doing. The rental shops seem to be shut tomorrow on account of Good Friday; and the couple of offers I've gotten from friends and acquaintances to loan me a bike - well said bikes don't seem to be road worthy. Missing mirrors and the like.

    So I'll probably be ending up renting a ride with the test center; with little to no practice before the test :(
  13. Maybe ring them today and see if they can have the bike ready for you early and give you some help? They seem to run a very professional operation there.
  14. And that is exactly what I have done. The lady on the phone said they're usually nice enough to give me a few practice runs on the bike before the test itself. So it should be all good :)
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  15. Let us know how you go, good luck! :)
  16. Right, so I have my full riders licence :) Next stop - buy a half decent bike.
    To be perfectly honest, I found the MOST to be ludicrously simple, and quite irrelevant to real life riding. It's obviously targeted towards complete first timers. Total pros out there at HART tho - they know what they're doing. They seem to have the skill, patience and motivation to work with people of all levels of riding experience.

    In the coming months, I'm hoping to find some good biking groups and have the chance to discover places around NSW on road trips. Heck, i'm itching to rent a bike and go riding this long weekend if anyone's willing!

    Sibi, thanks again for all the info and the support :)
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  17. Congrats!

    Watch the forum for some planned rides once you have your 'wheels'.
  18. Great news congrats :) it is a simple enough test because you have done the necessary time in the saddle I think. Your welcome and as George said, watch the forums, group rides are coming.
  19. Many thanks folks. Yes, I should want to buy a good ride pretty soon. But since my temporary accommodation doesn't have a secure parking, I'm probably looking at renting a bike for a weekend, for the next couple of months.
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  20. Everyone's talking about the MT09, seems to be best bang for buck bike at the moment