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Practice for MOST test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by grantmb77, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Hey

    Just looking for some advice for my MOST test. I failed it a few weeks back at Loftus. I was OK on the practice before hand but crumbled when it came to the real test.

    I was out at Homebush early on Sunday morning to get some practice in. I am struggling with the U turn at the moment on my Hyosung GT650. Its seems to be too tight. My question is how many points will I get if I don't do the u turn properly and can I still pass? My cone weave and stop in the box is fine and braking and obstacle turn are OK also.

    I am looking at another couple of weekends of practice and then booking the MOST test again.

  2. Running over the line in the U-turn is 5 points.

    google up some motogymkhana and watch their body positions.
  3. Keep the clutch at friction point, use the rear brake to control your speed, counter lean and look as far back as you can.

    If you still can't do it, can't you use one of their bike? Should be easy on a 250.
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  4. Like they said, If you do everything else right you'll still pass, but I have found as an ex instructor that it seems to play on your mind through the test and you tend to stuff other things up. You have picked about the hardest bike to do it on, we even used to make jokes about passing on that kind of bike, so think a bout borrowing someone else's bike for the test or if not practice counter balancing techniques.
  5. At tuggerah u can hire one of their bikes for $50 for the test