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Practice area - Brisbane Northside

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Spotman, May 27, 2013.

  1. Hey there,
    I commute every day and would like to practice some skills on the way home from work.
    Any Brisbane riders out there recommend a safe practice area (carpark or similar) between the CBD and Albany Creek?
    For anyone else looking, the old college campus on Beams Rd Carseldine opposite the station is great (just a bit out of my way).

  2. What type of skills are you practicing? Its a bit hard fetched to find some place between the city and albany creek that would accomodate 'skills' riding.

    Something out near the port of brisbane way might be best.

    If you find a place that would accomodate practicing stunt riding, i'd be interested to hear from you :)
  3. Stunt riding?! :shock: Haha don't think so Madman, seeing as this is my second week of riding (not counting 8 months on 125 Scooter).
    Just looking to improve slow handling, throttle/clutch control, emergency braking etc. Stuff from the licence test I guess but practicing on my own bike.
    If I find somewhere worthy of stunts I'll sure let you know! (prob come along and watch!)
  4. I've used the Bunnings car park off to the left just before you are on the main Hwy. Just past the Caltex.
    Usually deserted by 5.30ish.
  5. Ahhh, gotcha :)

    Well, if your interested, some of the brissy riders people meet up regularly for rides. Currently they do a wednesday night wobblers ride for the newbies to get a feel of things.

    Details for this week: Meet 7 @ Milton Maccas for 7.30 departure, will do Cootha, Mt Gravatt, 'roo point cliffs, maybe even sneak a jaunt up South Bank in there.
    Worthwhile getting to one and let them know your a newbie. They usually have people up front and behind to make sure everyone gets to where they want to. Will help with night riding, general skills and plenty of people to talk to if you need advice\help with things.

    I doubt I will be there this week, however i'll try my best to get along if your heading there.

    If you need a riding buddy sometime (probably after work one night), drop me a message and we can always head somewhere further up north to practice a few things and ride back down.
  6. The Trade Coast business complex off Kingsford Smith Drive at Eagle Farm is excellent. I've taken a few newbies there for skills development sessions. Busy during business hours but almost deserted in the evenings and on weekends.

    How are your skills coming along?
  7. Wow thanks for the info and offer Madman..much appreciated! Unfortunately I have a 5 week old bub and so time helping out at home is premium atm! I'll defintiely keep this in mind and hopefully when sleep is not so rare will be able to come out and play more! :)
  8. Hey Bumblebeeman, will try and check out that area sometime, sounds good. The carpark I go to (see above) is ok for slow stuff but a bit tight for anything else.
    What sort of skills development are you talking about?

    Mine? Well my gear changes are still clunky so I'm trying to focus on smooth clutch/throttle/gear shift on the commute each day.
    I actually moved my shift lever down a notch last night because I had trouble lifting my foot over the lever for downshifts while keeping my instep/heel on the peg. Meant I was lifting my whole leg up all the time. Not convinced yet that I've been successful as now I have to point a bit to go under the lever!! :banghead:
    Anyway...it's all a learning curve!
  9. No probs matey, happy to help! Give us a yell when your free :)

    Congrats on the new addition btw! stoked for you!

    Sounds like your spot on the money for trial and error, especially when you've moved the lever down a notch to help you. Next thing is if you have to reach for the clutch and brake lever, then adjust that also (if you have adjustments on the lever), alternatively adjusting the cable to suit your needs for clutch point. Not something to worry about right this moment, but as you get more confident might be something you wish to play a bit with.

    Just remember smooth throttle control. I have a bound copy of some notes that might be helpful to you for learning a bit better as you get more competent, which when we catch up I can pass on to you. Its based on keith codes book and some from twist of the wrist about body positioning when cornering, lines you take on the road, checking your bike over before riding, maintenance, etc... well worth a little bit of a read to get your knowledge up :)
  10. If you get a chance to download or purchase a copy of 'twist of the wrist 2', that will also help you significantly to watch...
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