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Practical Test in WA

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by krightlane, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Hi, I'm a fairly new rider (well had my L's for more than 12 months but never get time on the bike) and I'm thinking of booking my practical test so that I can actually get a licence and be free of always having a companion rider. Can anyone from WA tell me what they are likely to test on so I can be sure to brush up and pass first time. I have a small Yamaha TW200 road/trail so have experience both on road and off.

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  3. Such a nice way to treat new members......

    Just so you know, I have infact read the DPI website and the Getting you motorcycle licence brochure. Most of the people I know have had licences for many years so what I was looking for is someone that may have done a practical test recently and would be able to offer a little advice as I'm some what nervous about it.

    As stated in my previous post I don't get alot of time on the bike, this is due to both my partner and I working 12 hour shifts that often don't align. This leaves very little time that we can spend riding together (or anything else for that matter) so although I love riding with him and find his experience invaluable I would like to be able to ride on my own so that I can ride even when he isn't available and therefor get more experience on the bike. I'm sure we will ride together many times in the future but it's always nice to be able to just jump on and go when you want to and not have pre arranged times that you can ride.

    So perhaps next time YOU shouldn't be so lazy, try offering some friendly advice and I'm sure people would appreciate it. I know I always do.
  4. Perhaps the quote should have been in your OP.

    You asked what they test on and I posted a link without knowing you already know. How does that make me lazy?
    I wont loose sleep over it. You shouldnt either. Good luck on your test. :)
  5. I cant tell you what the WA test will be, but from what i read it sounds very similar to the QLD test.

    Basic motorbike knowhow
    Figure 8
    Cone Weave
    Emergency stop from 50-60km/h (no wheel locks)
    Slow riding
    General roadcraft and positioning.
    Hill start.
    U turn.
    THreat recognition.

    Have fun, and if worst comes to worst andyou cant get much practice in, or dont know how, do your test once, and if you fail it you will know what to look for :D

    Happy riding.
  6. In WA you won't be asked to do Figure 8's - just ovals (right turns).
    Also no cone weave. The other things will depend on where you're doing it - eg if you stop on a hill, you'll be assessed on doing a hill start. I never was because there weren't any hills.

    Also, if you got your L's over 12 months ago, you'll have to get them renewed if you haven't already.
  7. Thanks for the info, I've booked the test but can't get in until beginning of June. At least that will give me a bit more practice time. Not too many hills around Kal so hopefully wont get the hill start test. Already renewed my L's so I'm determined to pass the test and not have to renew them again.

    Thanks again