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Pr0n name for your ride

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Oldmaid, May 15, 2015.

  1. Tired and old like me but I thought bugger it...give it a burl shirl!
    So last century we used to get pissed as usual and someone would invariably trundle out the old what would be your p0rn name but I thought let's try it out on our bikes for a good old cheesy laff like...

    So you need the name of first pet
    And then the name of the street you lived in at that time

    So Wasabi's p0rn name would be the saucy, hot and hard to handle Miss Trudy Denman or
    If I go for my first adult pet and street name the flighty Miss Griselda High...

    Or if I use the other half's ...Mitzy Birch...classy! :D
    Haven't I seen her knorks on RrDevil epic boob thread?? :woot:

    I need a good laugh... Humour me fellow NR peeps

    What would yours be? :p
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  2. Mine's pretty boring, "Karl Ward" or a bit more interesting if I take the adult timeframe " Carruthers Bent".

    :) It has made me think of that cat we had at the time Carruthers the most uncoordinated cat I ever saw. He fell into my fish tank and had to be rescued at one stage.
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  3. I love Carruthers Bent! Excellent.
    I may have even seen him in something ;)
    One time I had everyone write the name down on a bit of paper, fold it and put it in a box, and then drew them out one at a time and everyone had to try and guess who the name belonged to...I guess it did depend on the degree of lubrication etc at the time...
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  4. Hmmm Prince Pleasant... sounds more like a Disney character!

    Prince was an excessively neat looking miniature collie and Pleasant street.
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  5. Sooty Walsh
    Dogs name = Sooty & lived in Walsh Street
    Hmm, could be a name for the black Spada!

    Later years would be
    Rebel Pike
    Dog = Rebel (without a clue!) + Pike Court
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  6. Jet Dickens mmmmmm
    Jet was our black cat
    Dickens was the street
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  7. Cindy Goodwood - rather ominous!

    Callaway David
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  8. Jasmine Iramoo
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  9. Bear Ross
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  10. This works really well for me: Fluffy Albert.
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  11. Rusty Carlyle

    (Well the first name is appropriate :p)
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  12. Sarissa West - hmmmm sounds classy:p

    I has a blue point siamese called Spindrifts Blue Sarissa & we lived on West Street

    the present one would be Georgie St Andrews;)
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  13. And in the red corner representing the Italian Stallion Ducati Club we have Frisky Doyle ................ always up for a party.
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  14. Time for the fluffers yet? :D

    Imagine the umm rolling credits viz.

    Best grip Jasmine Imaroo
    Best boy/s Frisky Doyle

    Assistant Grip Griselda High

    Carruthers Bent
    Cindy Goodwood

    Co stars
    Rusty Carlyle
    Fluffy Albert (aka The Prince)
    Rebel Pike

    Guest appearances by popular demand
    Sooty Welsh
    Callaway David
    Prince Pleasant
    Sarissa West

    Animal handler Jet Dickens

    Narration Mr Karl Ward
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  15. Presenting the new Netrider production of "Chitty Chitty Gang Bang". or perhaps "Shitty Chitty Gang Bang" given some of the "stars".
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  16. Mine is a bit rubbish however my wife's is a cracker.......Lucky Avenue
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  17. I think you're ready to begin filming OldmaidOldmaid ...
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  18. :greedy:Timmy Eager....
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  19. Bruno St Claire.

    That said, I named my bike Daisy (as in 'Daisy Duke'), but I've since learnt that 'Daisy Ducati' is the screen name of an actual adult performer (NSFW, obviously). So my bike already has a p0rn name.
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  20. Popcorn.
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