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SA PPSR Results

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Gurbachen, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I'm flying to Adelaide in the morning to check out a 2006 V-Strom, and just ran a PPSR check on the bike. It came back with no records, but I don't know if that means it didn't work or if there's something wrong with the search.

    :edit: Hrrm, it does show the correct model details in the "Additional NEVDIS information" section, so I guess if the model comes up right, and there's no search results otherwise, it should be fine? PPRS is maddening. Any assurances would be appreciated.

    P.S. Took a stab at picking the right sub-forum, figured government was probably closest.
  2. Probably a bit late, but the last PPSR I got says "No registrations exist for this serial number". I found this a bit confusing too, but I'm pretty sure it actually means something like "this vehicle isn't listed as being stolen, written off, or under finance". Be nice if they used clearer wording.

    If you buy the bike make sure you crank the idle speed up a bit -it should be around 1200 - 1300. I stalled it when I rode it because it's set too low. Hope all goes well with it - you planning to ride back?
  3. jees he picked a cracker day to visit SA , I bet he stayed and is still lost in the hills with 10,000 other bikes..
  4. Haha, and I'm back! Just got home half an hour ago with my new baby. Geedog, thanks again for inspecting it for me, and I agree, PPSR wording is stupid. It did stall once or twice but never with the clutch in, maybe I'll get the RWC guy to up it for me if he can, but otherwise it was smooth sailing all the way. Phil, unfortunately I only remembered these hills of yours in Horsham last night, so it was a bit late to get lost unfortunately. It took me forever to get there so I shudder to think how long it would have taken if I'd detoured around.
  5. Excellent - hope you enjoy it for many years.

    You can adjust the idle with a philips head screwdriver - there is a triangular gap in the alloy frame about where your left knee sits, and n that gap there is an adjuster with a white ring around it. Crank it to 1300 when engine is hot.