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PPSR check (REVS) before purchasing

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tmwt, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. I don't know any others, I use bike facts usually.

    Always always always do a background check on a bike. You would be surprised the crap that turns up, last bike I looked at had been written off twice and the seller tried to hide it.
  2. I've used the Transact ppsr site several times. Just make sure you get the vin number correct when you enter the details, otherwise it's $4 every attempt i found out......... Just because the seller sent me through the vin with one digit incorrect!
  3. What does bikefacts do that the PPSR doesn't?
  4. I spent the $4 on the Government Site. Seems to have all the info you need for only $4. Just not a pretty website like the rest. Here is my results with some info removed for privacy:

    Identifier number: REMOVED
    Identifier type: VIN
    Vehicle type: MOTOR CYCLE
    Make: KAWASAKI
    Body type: MOTORCYCLE
    Model: ER-5
    Colour: MAROON
    Engine number: REMOVED
    Registration plate number: REMOVED
    State vehicle registered: QLD
    Registration expiry: 14 Jan 2014
    Year of manufacture: 2000
    Year/Month of compliance: 2000-09
    Written off: no data
    Stolen: no data

    Cant see the other sites offering any more data.
  5. Nothing. They both search the PPSR and NEVDIS databases.
    Some of the premium searches also show you 'green ratings,' average kms, price guide etc but it's nothing you can't google for free.
  6. Thankyou for this thread and links.
  7. Hey, boots. I was a newbie on,y a couple of months ago. Have a look at my other posts. May help you out with some other things as well. I asked plenty of questions!
  8. Do these reports have info on whether bike has crashed before or such info e.g. claims put through
  9. Shouldn't there be something about whether any other party has an interest in the vehicle i.e. it is financed?
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  10. REVS (Registry of encumbered vehicles ) tells you if there is finance owing.
  11. Then that tends to make me think the only one worth doing is the REV's check the PPSR really doesn't tell you anything looking at the rego papers and the vehicle couldn't tell you, and if you live in NSW the whole write-off thing is moot.
  12. They're all the same PPSR/NEVDIS report with differing amounts of window-dressing. Go to the source and get the PPSR report and save $10 (adds up when you're looking at several bikes).

    Not a complete list, but sometimes you see a major crash reported. I don't know the threshold for reporting but all the ones I've seen were ones where the insurer considered writing it off.

    Not quite. There are still many bikes on the market that were write-offs repaired before they changed the law.

    PPSR report incorporates the old REVS check. The website offering a "REVS check" is just a commercial entity that will sell you a PPSR report with some additional publicly-available info and a different letterhead.
  13. I used the govo one. It gave me everything, who the interested finance was, Whether it was a write off etc. Cost $3-$4. I know one site wanted $25 and I laughed. For my few bucks, I got 3 pages of info.
  14. Yeah, the govt one is cheapest. I used www.getppsr.com.au when I was looking not too far back. Too much hassle using govt site when you're on ur mobile - had to signup & log in... too much effort. Paid $8.95 for mine.