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PP, here's on to mull over

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Of all the political parties in the UK, the Conservatives are the last ones you'd expect to be standing up for civil liberties.

    Yesterday, the shadow home secretary resigned his post to force a by-election in his constituency. He will fight his campaign solely on the erosion of civil liberties.

    Regardless of where you stand on this mans overall politics, it's a sad state of affairs when it takes the conservative party to stand up for individual freedoms.

    Background: After several years in opposition, the conservative party elected leaders that became ever more right wing. Their current leader, David Cameron is a charismatic person, younger than previous leaders and more middle of the road than for a long time. The electorate, tired of the lies and spin from the labour party have started to rebel and the polls reflect this.

    42 days detention, cctv camera for every 40 people, a national ID card and a DNA database. This from the country that developed the legal principles that have formed the basis for so many freedoms.

    Listen to the guys speech.


    The World is a scary place and getting more so. All those conspiracy films (Enemy of the State etc...) don't look so far fetched now.

  2. :(
    wrong type of mull.
  3. That bloke is spot-on.

    I'd vote him for PM if it was my country.
  4. Not only politics, but UK politics? Who gives a stuff ....
  5. And you don't think that can't/isn't/won't happen here?

    National ID card? CCTV? DNA database? And pollies desperate to spring the race/terrorism/fear card at the slightest opportunity.
  6. :rofl:
    Better luck next time mate.

    Gotta say, I made the same assumption when I saw PP and mull in the same sentence. Something about his general disposition gives the impression he has far to easy access to the stuff. "
  7. Remember Thatcher?
    nuff said.
  8. [​IMG] ?
  9. C'mon Ktulu. Bugger the thatcher, the key word was Mull.
  10. That's the blind political loyalty that allows this stuff to happen.

    Cameron is as far removed from Thatcher as Blair was from Bevan. Nuff said?

    Brown is a desperate leader, searching for something to show he is 'tough' in the same chaotic way that Bush and Howard did. Now you have lesser versions in state politics where you can pollies anxious to show how good their law/order and security credentials are. In the interim, freedoms are whittled away that will never be returned.

    As Davis said, there will always be a reason to keep the tightening the screw and before we know it, the state will have carte blanche rights to take away our liberty for no reason.

    How long will it be before Rudd starts looking for a situation to allow him to show how manly and tough he is?

    42 days detention, without charge, no notification. The UK was used by the US as a gateway for those lucky people who got removed to another country for special chats. A national ID card that won't stop a single crime. A DNA database that allows a DNA sample to be retained even if the original crime you are charged with is found to be not proven.

    But that's ok, they're socialists and we know that socialism is ok. It's those nasty Thatcherites that we need to stop, isn't it?
  11. the UK, the ultimate nanny state, doesnt supirse me at all really.

    the funny thing is all you lefties get all high and mighty amount civil liberties and its the "labour" or equivilent parties which are in such a rush to legislate everything... :roll:

    *waits for the uproar* :p :LOL:
  12. If you knew anything about me at all, you'd never describe me as a 'leftie'.
  13. it was just a generallised label directed at a collective, not any individuals mate. no offence intended.
  14. None was taken.

    Some of the most repressive regimes in history have been based on the socialist model. Likewise, fascism and right wing governments aren't immune from despotic policies either. It seems to be colour neutral.

    Terrorism seems to have given incumbent governments the World over their 'get out of jail free card' (pity they don't confer the same rights on their citizens). Be corrupt, flagging in the polls, about to introduce some unpopular legislation, simple...invent or publicise some impending disaster of cataclysmic proportions and watch how newspapers fall at your feet, how talk back hosts harangue anyone who dare disagree and label anyone who doesn't toe the line as dangerous and a terrorist lover.

    42 days without charge....that's 6 weeks detention in a high security jail without any charges being required to be laid. It doesn't take a civil libertarian to see how this could be misused.
  15. Nah, that stuff only happens in the olden days in other places. Derr!
  16. Precisely, fkn disgrace, that and Gitmo