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Powerslide with little power

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Johnny O, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. This guy must have put something on the tyres or there's something different with the road surface.
  2. holy crap...
  3. that's very cool!
  4. :roll: looks like a waste of tread to me
  5. Fit little bugger isn't he... :shock:
  6. he's in a pool of water (you can see the ripples) and he's not sitting on the seet with most of his weight over the front wheel.(ie not much downforce on back wheel)...

    looks great though
  7. id last 30 secs
  8. Yeah, there is water right at the bottom of the screen, you see it best at the end when he does his last slide.

    But still, great effort!
    Must have had his Redbull before that one.
  9. icy road?
  10. I bet he wishes he has a real bike...kinda like seeing a beat up old car with a stolen merc badge stuck on the front funny but sad :D
  11. haha, thats cool
    Hay Charmed are you 90 or what, its never a waste of tred, just having fun
  12. hehe soo cool
    :LOL: :LOL:
  13. i wanna do that when i grow up!!
  14. Very nice, takes a bit more skill to do that then circlework on a real bike... And fitness!
  15. [Seany's mind ticks over] The carpark at work won't see any cars in it till Monday. I have a mountain bike, slicks and a nearby supermarket from which I can purchce shitloads of detergent. :twisted: :LOL: I think I'll have a go. :cool: :LOL:

    *video survalence is no drama, my boss has a good sence of humour and knows me well.*
  16. Must be a guy thing :roll:
  17. Haha, bloody awesome.
  18. I'd last 3 secs and all that would be me planning on doing it.
    Just hope I can do that when I grow up
  19. You can see smoke off the tyre. Impressive :)