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Powerpoint slide show help?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. So I'm trying to include music into a PP slideshow, no problem, play the slide show, I hear music. BUT. When I email the file to someone, the music doesn't work :(

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong/not doing?

    When I add the 2.2mb sound file, the size of the slideshow doesn't increase. So it's not saving the music file into the PP presentation, rather just sourcing it from my PC for me to hear it, but that's obviously not gonna work when the file is sent to a different computer.

    How is it done? :?
  2. Try saving as a PPS , rather than a PPT.
    Should bundle it up for you.
  3. Nup, I've done that...... :(
  4. Send the music file along with it.
    YOu have to embed the music file into the show.
  5. WHS

    The power point presentation will try and located the music file that it had been linked too, since the other computer doesn't have the particular music file, it won't play...

    It's like saving an internet website which doesn't have embedded music/theme/images and when you try and open it without an internet connection, it will just display X or play no music.

    phong =P~
  6. So how do I embed it into the show?
  7. Sorry wasn't clear
    Send it with the file in the same folder.
    Powerpoint is a pain otherwise
  8. OK my turn to be a pain. I don't wish to send it seperately, I want it as one file.
    Is it because it's a mp3 file?
  9. Shirley there has to be a less kludgy way than that? I guess we *are* talking about a Microsoft product...

    Gimme a few minutes...
  10. Give this a go: http://www.wikihow.com/Embed-Music-in-a-PowerPoint-Presentation

    Apparently the secret is that it will link to, rather than embed, any sound file bigger than 100k. I assume yours is... but you can change that default setting up to 50 MB... I'm guessing your mp3 is smaller than that unless it's a whole album. ;)
  11. Tried it on my Mac 2004 version of ppt and it works fine.
  12. So you are damned if you do, damned if you don't.
    Best thing to do is downsample the mp3 to a smaller file ie 96kbs instead of 128 etc so that the quality may suffer but file size will be smaller.
    even embedding the file will still make the powerpoint show as large as the files embedded in them and then some.
  13. True, but an mp3 song is about 3-8 meg depending on quality and length, and even the top end of that is not a silly file size these days, particularly if you don't need to email it.

    As Smee says, if it's too big there are ways to make it a bit smaller. Audacity is teh awesome.
  14. Thanks Bravus, I think that was the problem, I've changed the setting to 50,000 and emailed the show to a mate. Just waiting on his reply to see if it worked......
  15. Aaaaarrggghhhh :evil:

    Still not working :cry:
  16. What version of powerpoint are you using and what version is your mate?
    latest version if not saved properly to allow for compatibility is not compatible with older versions
  17. I'm using PP version 9.0
  18. Um
    that office 2007??????? :?
  19. It's OK, it's fixed!

    I sent it to another mate and it worked on his computer, so I guess the first one I sent didn't have a PC that is compatible with my system/version of PP.

    Thanks heaps for you help guys, this was doing my head in...... :tantrum:
  20. Talk about going above and beyond :roll: