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PowerLet phone charger issues

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by GunSlingerAU, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Hey gents

    Just wondering if anybody has had issues charging the latest generation of phones with the PowerLet output? I've got a handlebar PowerLet output (PKT-080-C) fitted to my Victory Hammer, which is then connected to the PowerLet Micro USB PPC-035-SC charging cable. This is supposed to pump out +5VDC, but I don't know how many Amps it delivers, as it's not in the specs on the website. This setup used to charge my Samsung Galaxy S5 perfectly, which I had strapped to my handlebars and used as a GPS/Music unit, hooked up via Bluetooth to my Senna intercom. However, since upgrading to the HTC M9 phone, I now get an error on the phone saying there isn't enough power, and the battery doesn't charge if I'm using GPS. I had the exact same issue with the Galaxy S6 phone that I had for a couple of months. Note that I'm not using any other electrical outputs on the bike (I have a second outlet fitted for my heated riding gear). After spending so much on the outlet and cables, I'm a bit bummed that it's no longer working as advertised. Any ideas?
  2. It depends on the USB power outlet. USB outlets signal their power capability by setting voltages on the D+ and D- lines. A lot of generic stuff doesn't bother, which makes the USB device (i.e. the phone) assume that the USB port can only supply 500mA which may not charge some devices.

    There are devices that can display what the USB port is signalling, such as the one pictured below (I have one).

    But in the end, you're limited to what the device will accept and it sounds like your HTC doesn't like the signalling (or lack of signalling).

    The web page for your device does not disclose it's supply capability: Powerlet Straight Plug to Micro USB 12" Charging Cable - Powerlet Products
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  3. Thanks for the informative post. It sounds like this thing doesn't deliver the necessary Amps. However, I've also got the PowerLet Straight Plug to Cig Socket 10" Cable (PAC-002), which is a +12VDC. Apparently the handlebar power output delivers 15Amps. Any idea where I can buy the right cable to go into this, to conver the Cig outlet into a Micro-USB with enough power for my phone? I've contacted both Victory and Powerlet, awaiting a reply.
  4. Look for a ciggy lighter USB charger with 2.1A or more. Ideally a name brand and not chinese. Any consumer electronics store should have these (e.g. Jaycar, JB HIFI, even department stores like Kmart etc). Buy on the condition that it works or you can return it.