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Powering your Gizmos, Getting electricity from the bike.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cjvfr, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Cigarette Lighter Socket.

  2. Some plug I found somewhere.

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  3. The bike came with a power plug.

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  4. Electricity!, I don't need no electricity.

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  5. I don't but am interested

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  1. Hi All,

    This is an open question to the netrider gang. Now that carrying gizmo's such as phones, satnav, digital cameras is more common when riding, what do people do about a power plug into the bike elctrical system.

    I have seen a few variations from cigarette lighter sockets, the universal car standard, to other dual pole plugs. Currently I have nothing but would like to charge phone and camera.

    Is anybody interested in defining a Netrider standard? :)
    Is there already a standard that people use?
  2. I have a cigarette lighter socket waiting to be wired up when I have time ;)l
  3. I have put cigarette sockets on a few bikes now and while they are pretty good they are also bulky..which generally means they have to go under the seat, while thats great for keeping them hidden it makes it a pain in the arse when you want to plug things in.

    What i'm going to do with my bike is mount a small waterproof connector up the front of the bike...and modify my phone charger, ipod charger etc by changing them from cigarette plugs so they can just plug in up the front...it keeps the cables short and enables me to tuck the phone/ipod/gps into my tankbag while charging...rather than having wires running from under the seat to all over the bike

  4. I've installed a cigret lighter under the seat of my VFR
  5. Looks like Cigarette lighter sockets are the most common responders. As discussed they are a bit bulky so I will probably look at something a little smaller. I ride with a tank bag generally so I would like power up front.

    If anybody is interested in defing a Netrider Power standard we can keep this thread going otherwise I'll just do my own thing. :grin:

    Thanks to the respondees.
  6. i'll be installing a cigarette lighter socket tomorrow, i'll take some pics and post up how to do it... i'll be installing it at the front too...
  7. Thanls Ginji, Look forward to seeing your installation. Are you adding an extra fuse for the plug or just relying on the bike standard fused circuits?
  8. I've wired it up directly to the battery, so it's fused separately. I've taken some pics and what not, I just need to get around to typing it all up now.
  9. |+|----F------O-------|-|

    + = positive terminal of battery
    -- = wire to center of cigarette socket
    F = inline fuse (as close to the battery as possible) 10amps is plenty
    -- = wire from outside of socket to (-)frame/motor/chasis/negative terminal of bike.
    O = socket

    for those that care :)
  10. Jay and I both have cigarette socket chargers fitted under the seat. I guess we have the advantage of liking the same sort of music, so we can have phones charging on one bike and iPods on the other and swap iPods while they're charging. Its no issue having a cable sticking out from under the front of our seats going to either a pocket or the tankbag. My seat is easy to get off with lots of underseat storage while the VFR doesn't have much room and the seat is a PITA to get off (from my opinion, anyway :wink: ).

    Its great knowing we can go away for a week without worrying about not having phones and music :)