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Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by grange, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Some of the bikes currently on display at the Powerhouse Museum....


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  2. And a few more....

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  3. Cool, thanks. I don't know if those drip cloths are going to do the job...

  4. didnt help in the last photo :)
  5. Wow thanks Grange - will be taking the young fella for a look this week...
    P.S. Having now met you, is it "Grange" as in "Hermitage"?
  6. No, it is a crossing over of my kids names, grant and angela....
  7. Ahh, the Ner-a-Car :D. Still the only commercially successful (sorta), affordable hub centre steered bike ever.

    Well, I think so anyway. They certainly sold more than the Bimota Tesi and I suspect run the Yamaha thingy quite close, without the benefit of cross-subsidisation from piano sales.
  8. =D> .. it certainly is!!.... :wink:
  9. And Dorothy L Sayers owned one too :D.
  10. Nice its been years since ive been there iight have to get along soon