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powered bicycles

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by muso280, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. hey i was just looking through some specs for power drills... DAMN some of those things have got some grunt! like 65 Nm of torque! thats like drilling with the back wheel of a big dirt bike!
    Anyway that got me thinking ( oh-no...) legalities aside, what would stop you from bolting on the motor and several battery pack from a cordless drill onto a bicycle... or hell, use 2 of the buggers... you'd be looking at over 120 Nm pushing less than 15 kg (or 100 kg once you add rider... granted the battery wouldn't last more than an hour or so, but would be fine for the daily commute, and if you want a longer trip, pack a few spares and a charger...
    Either way, it'd have to work out cheaper than the electric scooters on the market, with significantly better acceleration and top speed

    Is this idea craziness or kick-ass?

  2. I sell those electric bikes and scooters at work so I should know this - but are the electric ones not allowed in all public areas? or is it just non roads? I know the RTA has prohibited at least the scooters in public areas (makes them kind of redundant..)
  3. I think most of the electric bikes sit on the power limit for what is legally allowed to be ridden without a motorcycle licence. The limit is very low, something like 2hp?
  4. Limit is 200 watts or roughly 1/3 HP. I think 12kph for disabled "scooter things" too.

    PS Phizog your work might want to look at http://www.batterymiser.com/index for charging things
  5. Yeah 200 watts and if it doesn't have pedals (ie power assisted bicycle) then it's limited to a maximum speed of 10kph. In Victoria now it's also mandatory that it passes ADRs if you want to use it anywhere other than private property. Oh and Muso you need to look at more than just torque. Having plenty of might get you moving - but unless you have sufficient horsepower (kws) you might find top speed limited to just a few kph.
  6. Nice idea with the drill! I think however electric motors produce max torque at 0rpm. So once spinning you would be relying on power, which wouldnt be very much. Maybe a hammer drill would provide an interesting ride!!! :LOL:
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