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Powerbronze kits/bodywork/screens

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by junglist, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. I'm looking at getting something from these guys and was wondering if anyone has experience dealing with them and/or their products.

    I'm interested in the build quality / paint quality / and fittment for one of their bikini fairings, the 'Phantom nose fairing'.

    Also interested in experiences with shipping times.



  2. Hi,
    I have bought 2 Powerbronze items, 1 from a agent (Raceway Suzuki) and 1 direct from the Powerbronze bloke in Frankston. Both items were not cheap (1 x rear hugger, 1 x belly pan). Makes my GSX1400 look good but when you pick them up from the shop. you do think I paid "how much" for this piece of plastic. But I do like them the colour I bought was black, and the quality is good.
    Anyway that is my thoughts
  3. i have a PB dark tink, "airflow" (double bubble) screen on my R1.

    fit was great, finish is great, and the bike running the store is a nice bloke too, allowing me to pick up the parts at his place after work.

    i recomend PB. they may be more expensive, but the quality of product is definately worth the coin, and the service is good.

    lastly, he looks after Netrider members, so keep that in mind (-10%).