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Powerbronze Double Bubble screens...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by SHEPPO, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if any of you fellow Netriders have experience with the PowerBronze screens?

    How's the quality, fit, etc?

    Also, where would i find the best price for one in Melbourne? Anyone purchased a p/bronze screen locally, or only from their online store?


  2. Can't help you there, sorry mate.
    This screen wouldn't be for a "new" bike would it ?
    I could be wrong, but I heard somewhere they may be a new " just upgraded" post coming up shortly.
  3. I've got one on the ol CBR. The fit wasn't perfect, but that might have been because after 10 years the screen sub frame wasn't as straight as it could have been. I did some research before buying it and found that most people regard them as some of the better quality screens out there. The general product quality and feel is excellent. I've only had mine since Xmas, but so far it's been very tough and no scratching. The shape is fantastic, giving plenty of room to get right down beneath the screen in nasty weather.
  4. dunno where u heard that from, but you shouldn't take everything you read as true :D
  5. yeah,i got one on my 600.
    good fit and good quality.
  6. for what sort of bike?
  7. Dood, the amount of times I've driven past you in the opposite direction and seen you with your brain bucket tucked under teh screen is phenominal.
    You must watch too much bike racing as most of those days the sun was out and there was no wind in sight ;)
  8. Actually that's just me having a nice nap in the sun, I find riding to be a little to relaxing.
  9. well i picked up a p/bronze dark tink "airflow" screen a couple nights ago, dealt with Clive who runs the powerbronze.com.au website.

    very friendly service, got the netrider 10% discount, and i'm pleased with the product. it bolted on in place of the OEM screen in a matter of minutes, and the screen is fantastic in it's function... especially since i'm tall.

    so all in all, one happy customer, and will definately give them more business in the future.
  10. If you're stingy like me, spent $30 on an ebay special. Its suprisingly not dodgy at all, fits fine (albeit not as perfect as a powerbronze should) with no issues.
  11. unfortunately for me, the "ebay" double bubble screens are a horrible shape for the '04 R1. the PB unit was the only decent looking one out there from what i'd seen.
  12. How much was the screen if you dont mind me asking? Last time i was looking at 1 it was nearly $300.
  13. Yep me too E-bay $35.00 delivered from hong kong :wink:
  14. well i got it for a "netrider price" of $175. they're about $200 at the 3 local shops i enquired in.

    if you can ger an ebay cheapie, i'd go that option first. but like i said, the ebay screens for my mdl bike looked like arse!
  15. I was looking at the iridium screens and clive emailed me a price of $275 i think it was. The ebay ones only come in the black tint for my model.