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Power ZX2R

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ninja3, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. I've searched the net and found hp of the american zxr's but they look like a different engine/chassis to the ones we have here.

    Just wondering what the power/torque of an Aus/Jap ZXR-250 (say 2000model)?

    Also anyone know what the 1/4mile time is for all the different ninjas (ZX2R/ZX6R/636)? Just rough idea, ofcourse it depends on weight of rider etc...


  2. there are i believe a few diffrent headlight versions as they got revised through the years one being twin round one trapazoid

    Also if u type 250 ninja in to a US site it will show u a GPX 250 Ninja
  3. zx2r has 45hp and has like 25n-m of torque and with a good rider can do easy mid 13 secs in 1/4.

    zx636 has like 136hp and does 10s 1/4 mile.

    there is a major difference in power and torque. i jumped from my zx2r which i thought was pretty quick (quicker than a cbr250) but the zx6r blew my mind away. I only need to take it to 5000rpm on my zx6r and that would be how fast my old zx2r felt at full throttle. At full throttle i am hanging on with my life as the front wheel tends to lift in 1st and 2nd gear and when it hits 11k rpm, its in warp speed land.

    Cant wait til i get a 1 litre......I hear they more scary. lol
  4. :rofl: I'm gonna be so lost if I get a 6r :LOL: :LOL:
  5. sweet thanks GForce! I knew the zx6r had more balls than the 250 but 3 times the amount of power, wow!! I find the 250 lacks the torque for hill riding, can't wait to buy a 600.

    13secs would be faster than most factory cars, not some turbos.. not many cars would be able to keep up with a 10sec bike!

    I overtook a P plater at the lights the other day and they thought they could go me which makes it interesting pulling back in their lane... Good to know they were only dreaming in their commodore :wink:

    I've seen a video of an R1 racing some european sports car (ferrari or something), amazing stuff what a 1 litre bike can do!

    I think the ZX2R 'A' had twin round headlights, 'B' and 'C' had trapezoidal(?). I wouldn't imagine the engines changed that much between them.
  6. i agree with Gforce. the zx2r feels quick as. i even punted my old one down the qaurter at 13.7. alrigth for a 250.
    But i didnt get a 600 after it tho, went straight to my zx10r. that made my 250 feel like its clutch was constantly slipping!! 1,2,3rd gear wheelies off teh throttle!! No clutch!!! :grin:
  7. The power!!! :shock: Only ever ridden my FZR250 but high 13 seconds is pretty dam fast down the quarter for a 250cc.

    Hanging on for your life sounds dam scary! :twisted:
  8. I use to launch my old zx2r at 14k rpm and shit that thing killed every car i went up against so it all depends on the rider but reckon it can do low 13s easily.

    I recommend you to get a 600 first unless you have been riding since you were a baby coz it helps you increase your skills and acts as a stepping stone before you hit the 1000. Sure some of you may say, I jumped to a 1litre and I am doing fine but majority of guys that do that, aint the best riders on track.