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power upgrades perth??

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by slycruza, May 16, 2007.

  1. hi everyone!
    this is my first post and im new to the whole scooter thing. ive had my vmoto milan for about 1 year now now done about 2000km so i thought it would be time to get some more top end out of it.... so does anyone know or recomend any shops in perth to upgrade these scooters.

    thanks heaps!
  2. I dont know about the vmotos, but i'd just go back to the dealer.
  3. mods in perth

    I have had a look as well there is no scooter mod shops in Perth unless your dealer will do them, but check out show and go, they will send it in the mail.
  4. Re: mods in perth

    Hmm, I dont know about that mate. There are plenty of places that work on scoots.

    Scootamoto in Joondalup are excellent. Justin and Ange are great people.

    Theres the guy in Mt Lawley who imports the crappy Vietnam copy Vespas - dont buy one but apparently the guy is very good with scoots in general.

    Matt at Bolwell on Canning Hwy in Palmyra owns the store and he's a complete maniac and will source anything he can to make your scoot quicker - even if its not entirely legal....actually he's especially keen on the not so legal mods :)

    For anything Vespa related go to whats-his-name at Franzone Motors in East Perth. Really knows his stuff.

    there are others also, you just need to know who and where to ask.
  5. mods

    cheers for that i will be there soon
  6. Re: mods in perth

    That is good news - I wouldn't mind my vmoto 50cc monster going a tad quicker;

    I have to say that having moved to WA recently I am bemused by the licensing laws- You have to have an instructor ( or similar qualified person) with you at all times you are riding on L plates- and only on a 250cc machine. (What is someone on a separate vehicle going to do???)

    I moved to WA from the ACT where I was riding a LAMS approved motorcycle on L plates. When I got here I was informed that my ACT L permit was not acceptable and had to obtain a WA L permit. Bugga!

    I then chanced upon the joy of the 50cc 'moped' as the WA licensing people describe scooters... ridable with a car license!

    happy daze, everyone!