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Power to Weight Ratio Legalities NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Paulie, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. Hey just wondered if anyone knew the actual legal implications of purchasing a Gsx750 and then adding weight to the bike to lower the power to weight ratio thereby making it learner legal to obtain a blue slip and then once registered removing the additional weight to get benefit of havinga 750 over a 250.

    Any thoughts?

    Reason I ask is because I was just in Action at parra and the guy reckons that he has done exactly that to his bike, just wondered if he could possibly be onto a winner of an idea>

  2. I take it you already know about the Ducati / Hyosung 650cc bikes with restricted carbies that are already LAMS approved? When you're off your restrictions you get the carbies reset and you have a full 650cc bike.
  3. as far as i'm aware, it's like the imported helmet thing... that is they may satisfy local standards but unless they're on the list (or in the case of helmets, have the sticker), it's a no go.

    how much weight has he added?
  4. Dunno how much weight he added, I actually got the impression he was talking crap, but at the same time I can see how it sort of makes sense. I imagine the insurance company would have a field day if he stacked it though (after taking the weight off)
  5. its not like they test it and let the bike pass and then you can ride it, its the actual bike you get caught on. no one cares about the bike you do the test on, and you can rent one, so no one sees the bike you ride around on, but if you get caught by the cops, it won't be much good saying that your gsxr750 used to weigh so many more kilos... that guy is talking out of his ring.

    its what you get caught on by the cops, or what you crash on... you can go around without l plates on a 1000 and no one will care until you get pulled over, and then i won't really matter if you have l plates on your 750 will it?
  6. you can have loads of fun riding around on a blackbird after your mates put L plates on the back :)

    the two hwy patrol cars couldn't get up to speed fast enough :D
  7. The rule is it has to appear on the list of the RTA and be registered as that bike. (i.e. Ducati lite has to be registered as a Ducati lite, when you get the restrictor removed, you have to register it as a full duc).

    Thing is you can ride whatever. You are not covered for any insurance, even if the other person is at fault. That's the killer.

    Remember the latesst Merc is $425k on-road. You want to have to pay off that damage?
  8. God, if it was just power to weight and not capacity all the learners would be riding around on Harleys!
  9. you can ride most harleys as a learner in ACT - same power/weight as nsw but no capacity restriction (last time i looked)

    but why would you want to learn on something with such a REALLY LOW kw/tonne value?

    Used to have great fun asking the tools who used to rev the harleys a lot at the lights why, with 1500cc+ they couldn't do the light to light run as fast as a 250 :) (and a four stroke at that!)