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power to the gixxer.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_6, May 29, 2005.

  1. I lost almost all power to my dash at the Island during a ride day on saturday. No taco, No speedo, No indicators, no idiot lights. Only my high beam light and back light work.
    The head and tail lights all still work and all my fuses and lumes seem to be ok.....

    Any Ideas to the cause???

  2. There is a plug that goes into the back of the dash (big black one with about 16 pins in it) it sounds like it has come loose with the vibration of track use. Put your fingers behind the dash and push it back in. Problem solved.
  3. Yep Pete, with everthing going

    That or the mess inside the plastic sock just behind the lights. With any luck just the connector Asto
  4. nup, i've checked and re-checked all the wiring, fuses and AAAAAHHHHH....... no luck....
  5. OK, lets narrow it down:
    It starts
    The hi-beam works
    DO the TURN SIGNALS work?

    If ye to all mof the above, then it is something that is behind or part of the centre console. Thins about it, everything that runs from the bars and key works, just not instrumentation associated things.

    I would agree either the wiring loom behind the light or beneath the tank.

  6. No......

    I did I did!!!!
  7. I've had a recent problem where the bike won't start. I havn't entirely figured out what it is, but it seems like it has something to do with the circuit breaker.

    I think this thing is design to prvent overload from/to the alternator but sometimes goes amiss.

    Try disconnecting the battery and reconecting (positive is fine). I thik this resets it.

    It's a long shot
  8. Hey Asto.

    So, no turn signals either. OK, lets continue:
    Fuel injected or carb?
    You can flick the high beams on and off?
    It obviously does start....

    Hmmmmmm, I agree, unplug and battery to reset the system. Have you followed the wiring looms to the regulator and made sure it is connected or not burnt out?

    If you still dont have luck, call Mike from OCD Racing, he is a member here and is one VERY bright person. 0408491668

    Tell him Mitch referred you