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POwer Loss/SLuggish

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Cambo, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. My Tuono is experiencing some problems and Im not overly convinced about the reasoning that I have recieved from the shop.

    The bike will be running fine then all of a sudden it gets sluggish and loses power. However, If I am in higher gears, it then starts to surge and regain power then it will lose power again.

    The red warning light comes on and then on the Tuono Display the word Service comes on and basically the bike wants to shut down.

    It was taken back the first time and I was told that the temperature coolant sensor was faulty and needed replacing. That was replaced under warranty.

    I rode the bike home and it was fine.

    The next itme I rode the bike was to the service station where I filled up with Premium unleaded. When I went to start the bike, it would not start the first go. I turned it off then turned it back on and it started. I rode to cricket trianing and home without issue.

    The next day when I was commuting to work, it started doing the same thing again. I took the bike home and it was picked up by the shop.

    Two days later I get a call saying it was ok to pick up. There was some gunk in the Carbys and that was caused by the premium unleaded petrol and that I should run it on normal unleaded for a while until the carbys can dry out.

    I put it up on the stand today and noticed a small leak in the exhaust where the joins have been welded. The stuff coming out of the leak was black. I have no idea what it is, but could this leak be helping to cause the problem.

    I tried putting a hose in the tank to drain out the premium unleaded, but cant get it flowing properly. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. i've isolated the problem for you, Cambo :p

    seriously though, ur bike seems to be no end of trouble :? hope you get it sorted soon.
    in regards to the syphoning, get a clear bit of hosing, stick an end in the deepest part of the tank, sit on the ground below the tank, n suck on the other end. just dont be polite and swallow ;) gravity should do the rest, once u get it most of the way..
  3. Uhhh... Cambo...Your Aprilia Tuono is fuel injected... I don't know how your mechanic has managed to confuse carburettors with EFI but changing the fuel because it needs to dry out is laughable. And kinda frightening actually.

    The leak at the exhaust joint sounds as though it's dribbling fuel out through an injector and pushing the liquid out the exhaust. Hence the black colour (from carbon).

    Run and find another service provider. Preferably one with good diagnostic skills.
  4. Yeah I was a bit confused too.

    It's definitely not firing on one cylinder and thus fuel is getting into the exhaust.

    The cause could be any number of things.

    Did they swap the plugs for you? 98 will foul plugs on some bikes

    Hopefully that is all it is.

    Don't those things need 95 octane fuel? Run that instead of 98. A tank of E10 may clean things up too.
  5. Thanks Guys. Unfortunately I know zero about mechanics, etc so wasnt sure if I was being told a porky or not.

    When the original problem was diagnosed, they supposedly replaced all hte plugs.

    I have managed to get most of the 98 fuel out and topped up with regular unleaded and took it around some of hte back street with it happening a lot less, so when I can run out all the 98 I should get some idea.

    The sticker on the tank says minimum 95 and I know for a fact it runs heaps better on 95 than the regular unleaded. Guess I wont use the 98 again.
  6. Regular could be quite dangerous. Get 95 into it as soon as you can.

    If it's still happening then let us know.
  7. Well, not only is the problem still occuring, but it has actually gotten worse.

    I now have a bike that within 1 minute of it starting up the problem occurs.

    Due to the advice of the previous Aprilia technician about drying out the carbys, etc, I have decieded that I will now take the issue up directly with Aprilia and have made contact with them.

    They are now going to try and sort something out for me.

    Unfortunately, there are only 2 aprilia authorised service technicians that deal with road bikes, so I am limited to where I can actualy take the bike.
  8. Whilst it could be a range of things the first thing that springs to mind is the EFI nozzles could be blocked or failing to provide consistent fueling.

    As for the carby comment. Sorry its EFI


    Aprilia is unfortunately known for its gremlins (I know as I have owned a few). But as its under warranty, get all the bits checked out!
  9. I'm voting for a plug, lead or ignition pack failure.
    These should be easy to diagnose by any competent bike shop so don't think you are restricted to the useless dealer shop.
  10. Well I got my bike back mid November after they replaced both cylinders and redid some of the wiring.

    All was going reasonably well until a couple of weeks ago, when the exact same pronblem occurred. Sluggish, etc. it appears to be dropping a cylinder.

    Anyways, the bike shop has now had the bike for another two weeks and tried a new throttle body on the bike, with the new throttle body, problem was gone. Put my origianl throttle body back on and no problem. Test for a few days and nothing. They go to park the bike one afternoon and the problem happens again.

    Their head of customer service has said that he doesnt want ot give hte bike back to me until they sort it out, but they dont actually know what is causing the problem.

    So once again I am without a bike for an extended period without any transport and any idea of how long I will be without a bike for.

    I'm sick of this lemon. It is not even 12 months old and already been off the road for 2 months.

    Would I be wrong in asking for a brand new replacmeent?
  11. go for it, or your money back. (give ACA a ring) ;)

    the least they could do is offer you a loan vehicle surely? I mean if its your only transport
  12. Please check with consumer affairs (or their equivalent).

    In the UK the issue is when you accept a repair, you find your rights reduced. Not sure what it is like in Oz.

    At a minimum I would expect a loan bike for the duration of the repair. The bike should also be equivalent to your current bike.

    You *really* must get advice on this.
  13. Well I have just bee nadvised that my bike is ready to be picked up.

    Apparently there were two things wrong with it. The first was with wiring down of cetain bolts. They werent earthing properly and the second reason was due to a faulty Pressure Regulator Valve.

    I know zero about engines, so hopefully that all makes sense to somebody.
  14. check if they also swapped the scamezin (common fault on the tuono's) and can lead to problems with the whole passonic cassarax.

    also check the flux capacitor on your earth wiring circuit.
  15. Slick, will check that out. Must make sure they have changed the scamezin properly.

    Thanks for that.

    You had me going until you mentioned the Flux Capacitor. :)
  16. You should never earth a flux capacitor. That can give you Parkinson's disease.
  17. Absolute nonsense - don't tell me you fell for that old wife's tale.

    Earthing the flux capacitor usually only results in a lot of sparks, some strange noises and a slight backwards temporal displacement. (I say usually because there is the slight possibility that you could find yourself in an alternate reality as well - but that normally only happens if the input timing is also a bit out)...

    Some people really don't understand the basics of temporal displacement engineering...

    :roll: :p
  18. Followed by the yelling of "Great Scotts!!!"
  19. yeah i though id chuck that in, just in case.

    i usually get people with checking the spark plugs on a diesel
    or i get them to check if the nuts on the spare tire are tight