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Power loss and flat spots on throttle...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by macca260, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    Everynow and then, mostly on colder days my bandit develops a lower/rougher engine note and I have very little torque or none at all, she stalls at low revs.

    I try to rev it out in 1st or 2nd but have little repsonse from my throttle. The bike has been seldom riden over last 2 years. What things could be causing these occasional hiccups??

    Also, any step by step info on observing timing belts??? I think mines loose, and a little noisy!!


    cutch 0403371971
  2. Does it stall even after the bike's warmed up? If so, then perhaps it's a dirty fuel prob = carbs need a clean? My VTR250 has had this prob for ages (ever since getting a batch of dirty fuel). Will stall at low revs - even if the bike's been running 1hr+. Nxt service they're gonna clean the carbs and hopefully that'll sort it.

    Also, when you say you have little response with the throttle, it reminds me of something similar that happened a while back - bike would get to a certain amt of revs and anything above that the bike wouldn't respond or it would run rough. This was due to chain and sprockets needing replacing - once replaced bike ran fine again, so perhaps check chain and sprockets as well.

    Just a couple of thoughts. :)
  3. Thnx Adore,

    I will clean the carbys next weekend and try to clean the fuel system out a little bit. Any good ideas of service centres that wont charge like a wounded bull?
    Im new to this moto game so dont want to get rippd off??!! or any step by step to cleaning carbys on the net??

    hope so!
  4. If you take the carbies off yourself, take them down to Brighton Kawasaki. They will strip them, clean them and re-set everything. Then you put the carbies back in yourself. It will idle a little rough, but this is not a big problem. Ride it down to Brighton Kawasaki and they will finish the job (syncing the carbies)

    All up cost $180. Saving yourself at least 3 hours labour
    The mechanic's name is Frank. The only person I can recommend at this end of town
  5. Yea sounds like a fuel issue. Is the bike missing?
  6. coming from left field... how many k's it got.. does the problem appear after the bike is warm and you slow down after a short while of higher rev cruizing. is the intake standard or has it been played with ?. you get a puff of smoke when you first take off after sitting at the lights ?.
  7. Thnx everyone for your replies, didnt think I would get much help re this!

    Bike doesnt miss, but after idling for some time it will start to let some white coloured exhaust fumes, there is not a black residue so Im not too sure if its normal or if its oil getting into the fuel?

    The bike has done 29k, but hasnt been out much in last 2 years.. Intake hasnt been tweeked. and yes, thinking about it, after high revs and then cruisin from lights it starts to loose throttle response and engine note changes....

    Brighton Kawasaki here I come!
  8. depending on service history it could have buggered valve guides. not the end of the world but ask the guys at kwaka about it while you're there.