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Power Commanders

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by bugeater, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know a good (cheap) place to buy Power Commander III USBs from? They are pretty steep if bought in Australia. I've looked at a couple of US sites and though they are a lot cheaper, they pile on extra fees or will not take credit cards or paypal. Then they get you with the shipping and you might as well buy one here. But I'm sure there is an online store that can get me one at a reasonable discount, I'm just yet to find it.


  2. ebay would have to be the place to look. i dont know what they cost over here to buy - but you have to get someone to dyno tune your bike with it anyway. they will probably cut you a better deal on the cost of the tune if your buying the PC off them at the same time i'd imagine. pretty sure a PC and a tune is around $1000-$1100....
  3. Ebay isn't that great. I think the problem is that there are different PCIIIs for different models, so unless it is an Ebay store, they aren't likely to have the model for your bike. In fact just checking, the cheapest store on Ebayis still is a bit more expensive than ordering one from the US (that's including all the postage and other stuff).

    As to the dyno tune thing - there seem to be two very different schools of thought on the matter. One says the maps they provide are mostly optimised and you don't really need a dynotune. It seems like most of the ozblackbird guys are in this camp as are dynojet themselves. Then there is the other camp that says the bike will suffer massive damage if you don't get it tuned properly. Of course this is assumes the maps that Dynojet provide could cause damage to your bike.

    Naturally a tune is optimal, but I think you are okay without one. It seems like everyone with a blackbird loves what it does to their bikes, even when they are completely stock and use the provided stock maps.
  4. How much additional performance and economy are PC's going to deliver?
  5. With a stock bike you will not really get any more peak power, but with the Blackbird you apparently get more midrange power. It also removes the "snatchiness" the blackbird has in the midrange- quite noticable when you hit bumps in the road. Don't get me wrong, the bird is a great bike to ride, but apparently a PCIII makes it even better.

    Oh and some have claimed economy increases of around an extra 2-3 km/l, which isn't bad. I would still have to ride about 40,000 km on the bike at current petrol prices for it to make the money back in economy.
  6. Bugeater,

    I bought a pipe from this site in the US, an Arkapovic for my '05 636 Ninja and it was $420 cheaper delievered than locally purchased and I got it in 4 business days.

    You have to pay by credit card fax back authorisation, but they still work out much cheaper than here.

    They are quick to respond to emails too.

    Their site is crappy, but they are good on the service side.


    Goodluck RN.
  7. Yep they were the cheapest guys I could find. But they told me that they don't accept credit cards at all and wiring money to them incurs even more fees. It didn't work out much cheaper in the end. I might have to ask them about the fax back thing.
  8. No credit cards at all? *Scratches head* I know they don't have a cc facility on their site.

    Maybe drop them an email and ask for the price plus postage and how to use the credit card authorization fax back method (think it was an extra $10). It was a little bit of buggering about with the two faxes, but I did them at work and had the pipe a few days later and saved heaps.
  9. Well I ended up getting a PCIII USB through a ebay store. I got a pretty good price and it ended up being $415 aussie (including postage from the US). Not too bad.

    Running just a stock map they provide for the blackbird has certainly made a difference. The snatchiness it had before is completely gone. It is much smoother. I've also just installed the accelerator pump feature, though I'm yet to take the bike for a spin with it on.

    Is it worth the money on a stock bike? Well I still haven't gone for a good ride, but it certainly makes the bike feel much nicer. It's probably worth it.

    I do still have to get an O2 sensor eliminator. Without it the bikes computer will try to counter the effect of the PCIII within certain rev and throttle ranges.