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Power Commanders... What do they do?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Lectre, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. Excuse the n00b-ness of this question, but what is a power commander, what does it do/how does it work?
    I'm under the impression these are for EFI only yeh?
    thanks again for your sage wisdom all respondees :wink:

  2. Yes, EFI only.

    They allow you to change your fuel mapping.

    For example, at this RPM, on this much throottle, squirt this much petrol.

    You can use them to tune a bike for optimal performance or economy, or to adjust the fuel mapping when an exhaust or intake system is modified.

    They're fcuking expensive and only really worth the effort if you're a total performance head or a new exhaust really roots your EFI bike's engine character.
  3. Smack bloody on Loz. Programmable fuel injection explained in 11 words.

    I am a big fan of the thoottle, I like to use it when I'm tootling along, but when I want to fang, I use the frottle :grin:
  4. I should add that some people expect that fitting one will give them an instant and definate horsepower gain.


    They have to be set up using a dyno (which adds to the expense) and while measured power gains are common in conjunction with new exhaust or intake systems, most people report that the main effect is a "smoother power curve." Woop de doo.

    /Of course, if my throttle response could be improved at low throttle openings, reducing driveline lash, I'd be happy. I dunno if I'd be $750 happy, but hey.
  5. Hee hee throotle. I like it too. That's a bit of a freudian ****. I mean a freudian slit. slot. Slut? AGH!
  6. Horsepower... :twisted:
  7. I didn't know bike riding was that big in Scotland
  8. Muhaha, *maniacal chuckles escapes Jbot's lips, before he remembers where his is, and slinks back to his boring job*
  9. The equivalent for a carburettor bike is:
    Dynojet or FactoryPro carburettor jet kit,
    or different size jets from the bike manufacturer.

    Instead of telling the computer to inject different amounts of petrol
    to account for different air cleaners or exhausts,
    these kits install different sized fuel and air squirt-nozzles ('jets')
    to supply different amounts of fuel and air.

    I just installed a FactoryPro kit to replace worn needles and jets in
    my bike, and account for a new air cleaner and exhaust. HUGE
    horsepower boost! :biker:
    actually, mostly it was restoration of horsepower that
    the bike had lost due to the worn out bits...
  10. Do you buy them like a Flash tuner for a car, or is this the system used by tuners with their dynos?
  11. Put it this way. power commanders have around 12000 settings. unless you spend alot of time on the dyno and at the track (and then at home with your lap top) and then back to the track and then to the dyno then the track again and everyday is the same temperature barometric pressure the same height above sea level and you use exactly the same fuel as youve used doing these hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars testing and your a wizz with graphs and data and computers etc and you always go to the same track at the same time of day and you keep testing and tuning and...oh forget it ...you get the picture...just buy a bike with way more power than you will ever need.thats what i did.works for me.
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