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Power Commander

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kwaka J, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. I have just put a "Two Brothers Racing" slip on exhaust on my 2005 zx10r, can anyone tell me if I need to do any special tuning or do I need a power commander? It's seems to run fine without any adjustments.

  2. ok first of all welome to the sight. Now the modern ECU can adjust with the change of a muffler only and also with a filter change. You will find out soon enough if its overfuelling. When you give it a decent handful and back off quickly does it blow black smoke or havea serious backfire? If not you should be ok. If you do your air filters then a PC111 is great to get it really fined tuned.
  3. No black smoke and no back firing, although I havn't really wound it out yet, I only installed it a couple of hours ago. Excuse my ignorance, what's an ECU?
  4. Engine Control Unit = fancy name for the "computer" in your bike
  5. Mate give it a couple of real good revs and hold it for a second or two. This will soon overfuel if its going to and then backfire and fart and carry on..