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power commander!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by dgmeister, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Just got a PCIII USB for my R6 2003 because i had a feeling the fuel mix was a bit lean/ not optimal.

    cost is $400 RRP and you order it through your local dynojet dealer

    BUT the price is pretty good considering it is similar/better than tuning a carby. Carby jets are $20 a piece, 2 jets per carb, 4 carbs = $160 worth of jets, and then you have to remove/disassemble the carbs, clean them, fit jets, and fit them back on the bike, and all that for just 1 setting.

    The PC has unlimited settings!!! It took me about half hour to fit, but i was just chilling taking her easy. Just take off the seats, lift up the tank, and plug the wiring straight in! piece of piss.

    First i loaded on the fuel map for my remus slip on. Then there is an accelerator pump function, which i set aswell!

    Took her out, and here's the go:

    1) Smoother power delivery (in all situations, but noticably in slow traffic situations)
    first gear felt as smooth as second, not snatchy any more.

    2) Better more stable performance at partial throttle
    (which is basically most of your riding/cornering)
    =in other words ; better midrange power

    3) More responsive! not only due to mapping, but also the accelerator pump

    4) Engine running cooler

    thats after 1 ride, so far so good, and i have only tried 1 map of unlimited!
    Its just like tuning your carby, but way easier!

    gives you back the control over your fuelling, therefore YOUR POWER!
    i guess thats why its called power COMMANDER
  2. Is it approved by your insurance company?
  3. My insurance company approved my 'engine modifications' :). Didnt have to list what they were...
    Probably didnt count on me doing pcv and autotune, exhaust, filter, and dropping a tooth on the front sprocket, but i have pretty good throttle control :p.
    Goes slower than my 250 did most of the time around town, with wannabes racing off from the lights to beat me. I just chuckle and mosey along......... but the throttle is there if i want or need it :demon:.

    Of course, right now my bike looks like this :p :

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  4. anyone know if putting a power commander on a learner legal restricted bike is legal?
  5. PCV or similar (Memjet, Juicebox etc) aren't for everyone........

    Especially not for the torquey Italian V-Twins in the Ducs and Apes....

    For me, once the Akrapovics are on the Shiver, it will be the Rexxer re-map to utter perfection.
  6. doesnt aprilia work with tuneECU? it is far more tuneable than a powercommander
  7. Powercommander is no go on the Ape - it runs fully-closed loop fuelling....

    Factory remaps are available for some ECU's......
    Any fiddling is either achieved via lambda hacks such as FatDuc, AFR tweaks or using the Rexxer to remap the stock ECU............great results (when using Rexxer or Rexxer + FatDuc).....(apparently)

    Looks like tuneECU is a similar approach to Rexxer :D
  8. My ECU is far more powerful than a power commander, it just cant adapt on the fly and is far more of an asshole to set up in the first place. The time on the dyno needed to set it up properly roughly balances with the power commander and autotune.

    Also, now i have a proper tune graph, i can always put that back into the ECU and take the commander out for the next bike when the time comes ;).
  9. get it dynoed as well........you might be surprised ;)