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Power Commander Vs TuneECU

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by burna, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Looking for people who know their stuff with this.

    My bike has a PC which was installed by a previous owner. It runs great and gets good fuel economy but seems to rough a bit rough in hotter weather.

    I am considering disconnecting it and trying a few TuneECU maps which some say is better than 'tricking' the ECU with an add on like the PC.

    Anyone have any experience with this? And if i decided I want to go back to exactly how it is now, is it a matter of just re-flashing the original map to the ECU and reconnecting the PC?


  2. have a pc on my nomad and runs well even in hot weather, seems bit odd, that said maps make a huge difference the smallest change can make a huge impact, the uploading of map is quick and painless, did it do this during winter or only now with the hotter days, also what fuel you running cause there is a lot of crap low grade fuel around?
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  3. Burna'... just a thought mate, why dont you visit 'Triumphrat' forums and check out what they have to say on the matter................would be my first choice mate, bike specific and all that...

    Just a thought;)
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  4. also if its running hot it may be to lean, any mods done to air intake at all??

    just a thought sometimes its just easier to get it dyno tuned
  5. Always run premium. Most of the time it is smooth but I do notice it is not quite so in hotter weather and on really hot days it stalls in traffic. (Other thread)

    I don't have the gear to load maps to the pc, but I do have a cable to use with tuneECU.

    I'll go n snoop around Triumphrat forum.

  6. Don't I need some other stuff like a 9v battery adapter and another special cable?
  7. no the 9v battery is for off the bike programming

    if you have laptop only usb cable is needed and pc software
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  8. I don't really get why someone went to the expense to put a PC on a bike that has a reprogrammable ECU, unless the '06 Sprint got it before TuneECU (or Tuneboy) was around or the owner hadn't heard of it.

    Try calling some bike dyno places to see who is familiar with TuneECU and think about taking the PC off and selling it.

    The afore-mentioned Troumphrat forums (and maybe Triumph675.net, while you're at it) are one of the places where owners have sourced or rolled their own ECU maps, which at the least can be a good base setting to work from. A dyno is the ideal for the fuel you use and your individual bike, but even the Triumph factory maps (like the open pipe ones for different models) usually work pretty well.

    But if it's a fairly easy tweak for a dyno tuner after finding a map that's already good, the cost could be offset by the sale of the PC.
  9. for your bike there is
    514-000 - zero map
    514-001 completely stock bike with dynojet 02 sensor controller installed
    514-002 Triumph slipons, Stock or aftermarket air filter dynojet 02 controller
    514-501 European model - stock exhaust or aftermarket airfilter dynojet 02 controller fitted, stock ecu tune

    sometimes its hit and miss with what works as every engine has mirror variations, also do you have the 02 controller fitted??
  10. Other advise if your going to use the pc software is SAVE the map of the bike first so you have something to go back to, not knowing the history it may have already been dynotuned and its the o2 controller playing up so when it gets hot the pc is getting the wrong readings
  11. Wayned, it was fitted a couple of years ago and dyno'd at 121hp. No idea if it is still putting that out or not, and I dunno if they knew about TuneECU.

    1600Nomad, Thanks. I'll get the software n cable and have a look.

    AFAIK it doesn't have the O2 controller but I'd have to suss that out. The only other modifications I know about it the K&N airfilter and the Two Bros exhaust. (Actually I think everyone knows about the exhaust!! :p )
  12. Cool good luck, REMEMBER SAVE MAP first otherwise you might make it worse if the map is already custom
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  13. another random thought is if easy enough to get to disconnect the power commander and see if its still the same when hot??
  14. Yes this is what I was wanting to try but not sure if it is just a matter of unplugging the PC or not.
  15. basically the pc just piggy backs your ecu so unless something really funky has been done unplugging the pc should not create any issues
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  16. This seems to be a common problem on the ST's, I've seen it pop up on here a few times. Don't know if there's a solution other than keep air flowing.
  17. It was probly me in another thread.

    Now I'm looking for advice on whether to disconnect it or not. :)
  18. FWIW, I have been using TuneBoy since I got my Street Triple, in 2008.

    As far as I can work out, the only good reason for fitting a Power Commander to a modern Triumph is that the "local" dyno operator knows more about PC than TuneBoy (or the later free TuneECU).

    I think that TuneBoy had some magic way of "reading" a PC then applying it's fixes to the main ECU mapping, but haven't done such myself.

    Yes, if you save the ECU mapping, disconnect the PC, then fiddle with TuneECU, you should be able to go back to what you have now.

    Do you have any feeling at all of how outrageous the PC and existing mapping are?

    If they aren't too silly, I'd suggest trying 95 octane fuel rather than the 98.
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