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Power Commander unit ( Hope this is in the right place)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by lewy, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Hi all would like to no how much more power people REALY get out of a Power Commander unit i would like to get one for my stock fz6n just to give it a bit more power do u get more down low or up high any info would b appreciated. :grin: :) :grin: :) :grin: :?: :?: :?:
    Thanks lewy

  2. every bike is different
    If your bike is stock I'd change the gearing first.
  3. Can you let us know why/where you want the power? Is it just in straight lines? If it is for cornering, the BEST money spent is getting professionals to teach you to ride better as no matter (to a point) on the power of the engine, it is THE RIDER holding the bike back. Unless of course you are literally holding the throttle at FULL position for extended periods of time, then yup, you need more power :)
  4. yer mate i wont more power out of the Little 600 manly for doubling and doing wheelies Ive been riding bike all my life so its not me I'm happy with the bike just would like a little more straight line power but don't wont to go to a 1000 as i just can't afford it.
  5. A power commander isn't going to do diddly squat as your bike is stock.

    They're an aftermarket piggy back fuel management system, designed to modify the fuellling of your bike when pipes/filter are added as the standard ECU can't handle it properly and just does the same old thing. You'd be lucky to get 2-3hp out of fitting a commander and having it mapped.

    Your bike only has 100 odd hp http://www.motorbikes.be/en/Yamaha_FZ6_2005.aspx
    If you want to stay in the 600 class, go a sportsbike, they've got about 20 more hp, more suited to what you're after.

    if you can't change the bike, change your gearing.
  6. Like the guys say, PC3 won't do anything noticeable for your bike. The FZ6 is renowned as a high-revver for a naked, with bugger-all down low. The only things you can really do are; 1) downgear it significantly, 3 teeth up at the back or one smaller at the front might make a good start, or; 2) Get rid of it and go for something gruntier. Hornet 900 springs to mind, as it always does. Depending on what year Fazer, it wouldn't even cost much to swap over, you might get it for about the same as you'd pay for a PC3 and tune-up.