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Featured Power Commander - Pros and Cons?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by BurntToast, May 1, 2015.

  1. Have been looking into installing a Power Commander in my 2009 SFV650 LAMS.
    Anyone have experience with the units? What are the pros and cons?

  2. Why bother with a power mod on a LAMS bike? May as well just wait out your restrictions and save your mods money for when it'll count.

    Pro: fix up fuelling (esp if you've made some breathing mods like exhaust and intake)
    Cons: expense to buy, expense to tune, makes the bike non-compliant with LAMS
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  3. This. You'ld be effectively riding an unrestricted bike on restricted license which would nullify your insurance if you ever needed to claim. Also run the risk of getting a ticket for same (driving a vehicle you're not licensed for).
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  4. You won't unrestrict a bike just by doing fueling with a power commander .
    There's a lot more to it then just fueling to unrestrict a lams bike.

    Does fitting a aftermarket exhaust / pipe make your lams bike non compliant ? I highly doubt it!
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  5. Even if the Power Commander did derestrict the bike; I doubt that many police would even know where to look/what to look for right?
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  6. Police won't search your bike for a power commander !!!
    Police won't even know you've got one fitted or your bike does put out a tad more hp. They won't be able to tell full stop
  7. In Qld, yes, it does. Anything that changes the power/weight ratio. A lighter exhaust does that. All that said, you'd have to be unlucky, but in an insurance scenario they'll do anything they can to not make the payout.
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  8. BurntToastBurntToast do a search of the threads here, there's info on how to derestrict your bike. Something to do with cutting a wire or removing a fuse if I remember correctly.

    No plod in the land will be able to tell you've done it. Wether you should or not is an issue I don't need to get in to.
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  9. I rode and crashed a unrestricted hyo 650 on my Ps . No insurance assessor came out and pulled it apart to see if it was restricted, although when it came to rest it was already in many pieces. There was no mention of me even being a P plater, although I think the actual P plate ended up in another suburb. This was a half a million $ accident as well
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  10. Trouble is, you don't want to meet up with the one or two that do know what to look for.
  11. why do you want a power commander? do you suspect that the bike is running rich/lean?

    The power commander is a way to adjust the fuelling on your bike so that you can tune your engine for the mods that you have made.

    If you install a high flow exhaust system, new air filter etc. then it will make a difference once tuned but if it is a stock bike it may only just smooth it out (not a very noticeable amount). By the time you do the things that will make a power commander worth the investment you have visibly altered the power to weight ratio of your bike, making it illegal for you to ride (assuming that you are restricted).

    The power commander is not a bolt on performance mod, it is a way of tuning your engine to best run with other bolt-on performance mods.
  12. Already running an aftermarket exhaust and K&N air filter so I guess I'd get some benefit from the unit?
  13. power commanders are plug n play units.
    When you fit one nothing will change until there is a tune loaded onto it!
  14. And don't use the tune files on the Internet .!
  15. Yeah I've got a mechanic lined up to dyno tune it if I go ahead with it.
  16. No it wouldn't.
    Besides the fact that modding a lams bike for power makes it non-compliant, everything you said is spot on. The blind lead the blind in here. Then they start to menstruate when they get told they are blind.
  17. Yes and no. Often benefits can be had with a power commander purely for ironing out dips in the performance curve manufacturers often place in there to meet strict emissions targets. Sometimes that gain alone can be more than an exhaust and intake upgrade.

    However, the point made that the PC works even better with upgrades as well is 100% correct.
  18. I just had a look at how much these Power Commander things cost! Are they going to double your horsepower or something! lol ;) It sounds like the suggestion above of removing the secret fuse or wire or whatever would be more economical. I thought the SFV650 went pretty well anyway?
  19. Yeah I've been given a quote for the unit and a dyno tune. The price is alright; considering that I'll be on this bike for the next 3 years.

    The SFV650 does go pretty well but there's always room for improvement ;-)
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  20. The price seems 'alright' for what, a low-single-digit horsepower increase? Three years down the track, the same amount added to your budget for an unrestricted bike could actually make a real difference. Alternatively, the same mod to a better bike would make much more of a difference.

    It sounds like you're just modifying for the sake of modifying.

    Personally, I wouldn't bother unless you've got some major fuelling problems (which is unlikely with just a slip-on and filter). If you do go for it, expect to lose about half the money on the unit itself and all of the tuning cost. And you'd still be riding a restricted Gladius.

    Your money, but imho you'd get more bang from your buck if you spent it on suspension and brakes.You've already got the noise sorted with the pipe, enjoy it for what it is.
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