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Power Commander Mod

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Benny Boy, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. This is a follow up to a troubleshooting question I had a while ago. I had this done last week, but have been too busy to write it up.

    I’ve been trying to sort out why my bike (2009 Boulevard M90) felt like it was going up a very steep hill when I was riding on a flat highway. The engine also seemed to be popping more. I bought the bike second hand back in march 2011 with approx 1600km on it. It included a stage 2 debaffle done on the pipes.

    I booked it into Procycle Dyno in Slacks creek to get the power commander fitted last Wednesday. Andrew and Scott installed the Power commander and ran up the bike on the dyno.

    gratuitous promo
    promo shot.

    Initial result was 54.81hp and the bike was running very rich. They said a 1500cc cruiser should get around the 71hp mark.

    stripped top.

    Andrew did some quick fuel mapping to try and get some more power out of the bike. He came to the conclusion that the power commander would simply mask whatever problem was there. Since the bike seemed to be choking we changed over the sparkplugs and removed the secondary butterfly valve on the throttle control to open her throat.

    stripped dyno.

    Put back on the dyno, the bike now produced about 70hp. With some fuel mapping the bike came up to 80.54hp in the end.

    On the ride home I noticed the bike seems to behave more like when I first bought it, except there is very little, to no popping when idling and decelerating. The throttle is far more resposive and power is smoother throughout acceleration and deceleration.

    I need to do a big ride when i get my next full day off and find out if the k's per tank has changed much.
  2. So i finally got to take the bike for a decent ride today to Maryborough. One of the objectives was to see if the PCV has made any difference to fuel consumption. There is little difference when comparred to consumtion when i first bought the bike.

    I still get between 17-18km per litre. Hope this is somewhat normal for a bike my size.

    Oh, and if you're in Maryborough check out Sauers' bakery on Lennox Street.
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    Will keep them in mind for when I get mine organised, seems like they know their stuff.
    Weird you lost so much power mate. All the valves and compression in spec?

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    having such a big exhaust mod and not changing the mapping will never give good results.
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    Fair call ;-) .

  6. Everything so far has checked out fine, although i'm yet to get the valve clearance checked.

    The guys in the shop suggested doing some mods to the air intake while i was in the shop to help increase performance. Was surprised to see how small the intakes were for such a large engine. Will post pics of the romoved items soon.

    The spark plugs that were installed are called blue lightning and are supposed to add another 2hp.
  7. Yeh good idea to go back to basics to locate the problem. I'm just about to get my cbr600rr tuned. I've gutted the airbox, added a K&N filter, removing the cat (track bike only), slip on exhaust. I've got the PCV + SFM and I'm going to add the ignition module then get the tune. I got no idea how much peak power I'm going to gain but looking forward to getting some throttle response and midrange out of the asthmatic little thing.