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Power Commander from US?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by johnnydelva, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    i was thinking of getting a power commander from the US... does anyone know if it is the same model as here or they different? its about $200 cheaper over the internet... thanks in advance.
  2. beware of exchange rates - do the sums.

    I bought a TFI unit from the states, in fact I buy most of my accessories from the states.

    Never had a problem, and delivery is usually quicker than buying locally.

    To get the best from a PCIII, it will need a dyno session.
  3. No better time to buy now that the US dollar is up at around 80c
  4. Mine arrived last week from the US, no problems.
    Saved myself a couple hundred $
  5. If you buy it from O/S and something goes wrong, no one here will cover the warranty. Thats why i will be buying mine here and have it fitted from an authorised dealer. This is my opinion only, in the end its up to you. This could be a case of where saving money by buying from O/S, isnt always the best option. :)

    The following is info from someone who sells them.

    Power commander is same, the software is different, correct maps can be loaded or done through a dyno.
    Major issue is that if your power commander fails, you have to return it to point of sale for repair. The aussie distributor can fix it but are under no obligation whatsoever to do it for free if you've bought it from overseas, and they will charge you.. and it's more than what you save buying it O/S.

    Crazy to run that risk when Superbike supply does them so cheap.. Also if you buy it through Serco (aus distributor) we have maps that we can load onto the p/c to suit what mods you've done to the bike. They're about 95% perfect as each bike is different, but this they will do for FREE.
    All you have to do is tell them when you order it and they will load it for you.

    The up to date stuff on the bike warranty is that it is ok, as long as the aftermarket part doesn't cause the breakdown.
  6. Not much can go wrong with them, they are only a rewritable memory module.

    As for installing them, ppfftt, unplug your EMS, take the wire harness and plug it into the PCIII. Download some maps, upload them, test.

    Find the right map, back it up, ride ;)
  7. It's a shame it works that way Blue14 - an honest company honours warranty regardless of place of purchase. I see that kind of thing in the IT industry all the time, and it pisses me off. Now I only recommend laptops & PCs to clients (if they must buy brand-name) that have global warranties. None of this "you bought that overseas, you have no warranty here" shit!

    Shame we don't have that kind of luxury (and competition) in the motorcycle industry. :(
  8. Hi, can you guys tell me the URL's of the US sellers? I might be interested in one myself.

  9. Vic, they do fail, more than you'd think.

    The importer is not required to honor something not bought from them, and dynojet back this up. The aussie supplier pays someone fulltime to fix and map p/c's.. why should they be paying him to fix something for free that they had nothing to do with?
    There are mods in progress by dynojet that will make the USA models not work here at all, no matter what map they have loaded into them.
  10. I had a PCIII in my VFR and it was more trouble than it was worth.
    Wasnt maaped properley by original owner, installed it himself.
    After getting it on the dyno it was going beserk with fuel and air causing the bike to spit fuel out and lurch due to the air/fuel mix.
    If your going to install it yourself, beware of the hi-tech gadget not working properly....its not as simple as plug and play......
    Honda MPE took it off my bike cos it was causing more problems than it was fixing. They Dyno'd my bike for free to understand the PCIII and in the end i was getting mre power and efficiency without it.
    Certainly feels like it too.

    So I have a Powercommander PCIII USB for sale VERY cheap, it may suit other bikes too, just change the harness clips on the end.
    I got software and maps also.

    But I agree with blue12......overseas purchase gives no warranty and its rude to expect the oz guys to support its problems......In my use of the PCII it NEEDED mapped proffesionally to be efficient and its not as simple as plug and play......

    Good luck.