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Power Commander for K5 GSXR 750 is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 61XER, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. I was considering purchasing a Power commander IIIUSB from the states and i was wondering if there where any gixer owners out there who have done the upgrade and how much they paid and there opinons about the improvement. Any feed back is greatly appreciated!

  2. What do you want it for? You can re-map the fuel injection on Suzukis without a PC3. Take it to PTR, they're specialists in this shit.
  3. Your probably right but i want to put the LCD readout on the bike as well. Plus it's easier to say it has a power commander then a remapped ECU :cool:
  4. Mate if you can afford it, do it. A PC with dyno mapping turns a machine into a beast. I have always had my bikes re-mapped, and never regretted it. Just make sure you also compliment it with a good exhaust systems and race air filter.
  5. I have had my stock ecu mapped on a previous gsxr and I have a power commander, dyno and custom map on my current gsxr. Having done both I will from now on always go with the power commander and custom map. The power commander has more precise adjustment and although they were two different bikes I am happier with my current setup, although it does cost more.
  6. i got a power commander 3 but my pipe (yoshi trs) is in customs at the moment, so when i get it on and air filter changed i will post again, but i found just putting the commander of seemed to even out the flat spot around 6000 and it might have had a bit more urge above 6000 till max revs but that could have been my wrist!! :grin:
  7. I have the Yoshi pipe and the K&n filter so i am hoping i might see a decent gain! At the price they are selling them for in the States it's hard not to consider purchasing one.
  8. mmm i agree totally. i got my pipe today for a little over 500 delivered and the cheapest i was quoted in australia was 850ish. my local said they couldnt even get the pipe at cost for the price i paid importing it myself.

    somebody's making a shedload of money! :shock:

    anyway i will put in a good word for
    jc motorcycle exhausts
    an american ebay store. my pipe arrived in 10 days from their californian store and they take credit card payments over the phone so you dont have to stick your details on the net.awesome service check their feedback and their mad prices!

    no affiliation etc
  9. Hey Cameron

    You got their link?

    Couldnt find an ebay member by that name.
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  11. Well of course! I was bloody searching on our eBay. biggrin-1. icon_rolleyes.

    Cheers Cam. coolthumb.