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Power Comander V for Yamaha 2012 R1 - Help :)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by JOLZbimota, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Want to get my b/f a power commander V for his aforementioned bike. Does anyone know if I just need the unit itself or do I need the secondary unit as well?? Also there's all these other gadgets and gizmo's available too such as quickshift and auto-tuners! (Gargh... I'm usually pretty knowledgable when it comes to bikes but this kinda has me boggled!) Can anyone suggest some helpful information that will allow me to purchase this for him without farking it up? Also where in Australia can I get one, and for a decent price...if you know.

    Thankyou in advance guys!!! P.S. its for a christmas present so time is against me! ARGHHH!!! :p
  2. The unit by itself self is generally all you need, but you should get it mapped to suit the bike. Most stock standard bikes don't need a power commander, but it depends if their is a specific problem you're trying to fix, or if the bike has been modified. Short answer, you don't need the other stuff to make a PCV work.
  3. For a stock bike you dont need a power commander but in saying that it'll have a better fuel map than the standard bike and will allow your said b/f to modify it. It's super easy to install and you don't need to add the other gadgets. I purchased mine from revzilla and it took around a week to get to me so theres still time.

    The other question is... where does one get a g/f who thinks of this stuff and buys it for the said b/f? haha

    p.s. great pressie
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  5. Sweet Thankyou! Doesnt it give it better get up and go? I dunno... ha ha he just said in conversation with his friends he wanted one so... note taken! ha ha Trust me, guys are freaking hard to buy for as it is, so it pays to pay attention to anything they're saying that begins with "i want..." :p
  6. Kerrr-ist!!......... where's the shaking head emoticon, if thats your idea of cutting a first time poster some slack.........

    Ideally 'Jolz'... the PC will sort out fuelling to the nth degree, but mainly after a custom dyno which will usually set you back an additional $400......its not widely advertised as providing additional grunt to the bike, unless by purchance the b/f has installed aftermarket exhausts on to squeeze more ponies.... in which case the PC will make them ponies get up and go :)
    You can usually download a 'close' map from the PC distributor, but its never going to be perfect.... a custom dyno is the way to go,..... and should be a 'must' if he has already fitted an exhaust other than standard
    hope this helps
  7. Oh you most certainly did help! He has akrapovic pipes on it (sounds mmmmmmental!!!!) ha ha and yes I have been advised that it will need a dyno afterwards, thats cool. Um that RevZilla site has a great price but I was wondering whether the unit has to be "programmed" to the certain bike type... and whether they will do that before its sent out? Surely yeah? Not sure. I'll have to ask the other chap who bought one from there! :)
  8. Hey Alexjkoro... do they program it to suit your bike model or am i just pulling this unescessary need outta thin air? ha ha
  9. Not sure whether they 'Dynojet' will download the specific map to it before mailing it out to you....(sometimes they do if asked, If I remember correctly) but......... you are able to go onto their site and download a map that is 'close'........ I had a look and there appears to be one for a full Akra exhaust, so you should be ok........ well, as ok as can be without a custom dyno.....
    link: http://www.powercommander.com/power...4&make=28&model=117&make-n=Yamaha&model-n=YZF R1&year=2012&mk=28&mdl=117&yr=2012
  10. LEGEND! thankyou! :)
  11. sorry, that link doesnt work perfectly............ there is a download onsite for a 'full akraprovic with either stock or aftermarket air filter' Ref No: 22-054-005
    that should suit (wink)
  12. Did an epic long post earlier, internet crashed :( bugger..

    The basic gist of it was that just make sure that you purchase the PC for 2012 R1, from there it's pretty easy to get the maps organised. Although you are probably better off having your b/f play with his new toy and not spoil it with pre-loaded maps.

    The power commander is there to change the fuel to air ratios, and instead of creating power it helps adjust the power curve to improve the low rev pick up. A good thing especially when you improve the airflow through the system.
  13. Just give him the power commander all wrapped up
    He'll know what to do with it

    Hopefully he will appreciate how lucky he is too :)
  14. The auto-tune module is actually quite a good piece of kit too.....

    Especially if the b/f has modified the airbox or changed the air filter....it will adjust the map trim and fuelling at runtime within small tolerances to even out power and torque even more....

    That said, a Dyno tune is integral to getting this all to work harmoniously.