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power cart project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mcholmes89, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Hi All, Looking to partake in a little project now that im working full time and schools finished...
    was thinking about a go cart with a twist...im pretty sure you all possibly may have heard of the busa cart if not youtube it...good shit.
    What can somebody recomend in the way of a decent motor package. Looking for 600cc (pretty much got my heart set on a ninja or gixxer motor) or more. Fuel injected or carbies?
    any help will do. i have my hands on a go cart frame for next to nothing and my uncles a blacksmith so fabrication is no issue.
    Ok so where do i start?
    I want to eat my mate alive at the next track day we have

  2. buy a stat writeoff bike at the auctions

    you will have all parts to make the motor run at a cheaper price than the wreckers and can sell off what you dont need which is easier if iyou buy a popular model

    of course carb bikes will be cheaper and prob easier as if you go injected you would need to use the high pressire fuel pump which for ease you would use the bikes fuel tank, if you go carbs you can use any sort of fuel can
  3. +1, somthing with a bent frame, crushed fuel tank, bent forks, but a whole engine. good luck, and keep us posted!!!
  4. I was going to follow my old R6 for someone to do this very thing with the motor & gearbox. The rear sub frame was bent almost 90 degrees, but the motor was fine.

    Just be prepaired for some real test a tune when building one to, that much power in such a small thing = trouble. :LOL:
  5. that would require some serious modification to fit engine and gearbox and alike to a go-kart. i used to race go-karts and if you had something with 600cc+ i think you will definately kill yourself :shock: :shock: :grin:
  6. awesom...im glad someones brain was on. thaks for the help, will keep you posted. heres the cart that started the dream!! youtube. com/watch?v=ddhrD3a2I1M
  7. thats what i want! lol
  8. This reminds me of a 750cc vespa on youtube...
  9. If you want to race seriously, as opposed to just having some extremely dangerous fun at your mate's expense, why don't you get your racing license and get a ready-made SuperKart? http://www.superkart.org.au/

    250cc Yamaha two-stroke water-cooled motorcycle engines and six speed gearboxes. On many racetracks in this country, their lap times are faster than the V8 taxis.
  10. hrmm wouldnt b too bad of an 1dea 1f 1 had the cash(oh the laptop 1m us1ng has no "eye" key so please excusae the "1's" yeah sounds l1ke fun. but a rough guest1mat1on of costs would be somewhere 1n the vac1n1ty of 20,000 see1ng as a carft can cost between 7 and 16, 300 $ fee, fuel tyres etc...plus transport to nsw...nah but 1t does look l1ke alot of fun
  11. My brother is doing the exact same thing. He already has a superkart with a 250cc 2 stroke. But he has a couple of spare superkart chasis and he'll be chucking a 600cc bike engine into one of them for a little fun. Thinking about going with a gsxr600 efi engine. Much less maintenance than a 2stroke.