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Power bills to double to pay carbon costs

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Pretty good racket! :roll: Especially since this is a new global tax based on fear. I want an opt out clause. :evil:

    One more for the globalists rubbing their hands.


  2. Where does the money ultimately end up?
  3. That's what I'd like to know!

    Have we switched to a currency that when handed back to companies and governments to stockpile, takes on mysterious carbon compound absorbing properties to filter nasties from the atmosphere???
  4. yea where are the monies go to
  5. Carbon trading is simple.

    I am allowed a certain amount of carbon to emit. I can't meet that target, but Acme Plastics in The Ukraine are well under their limit. I can then buy their unused carbon credit. They are rewarded for having taken steps to reduce their emissions and the net overall emissions are the same. The intent is to make the cost of producung the emissions more than the cost to invest in the technologies to reduce them. By assigning a cost to the pollutant, I can see a benefit in not producing it.

    The problem is (and this is a huge problem) that the levels were set sometime ago. I used Ukraine as an example specifically. The economies in these countries (and therefore their emissions) collapsed after the end of the Soviet Union. Therefore, Acme Plastics haven't reduced their emissions by being clever, they reduced them by not making anything.

    Some carbon credits are also used to pay for emissions reduction programs in 3rd World countries.

    The other issue is, as a commodity, they will be traded. Threrefore, the cost of the trade doesn't reflect the cost of the pollution, just what someone is willing to pay for it. Therefore the cost can blowout as speculators and investors purchase credits to influence the market (much as they do for oil, gold etc..).
  6. $$$$

    Or you can do as some are doing in Queensland and NSW and get a farmer to sign an agreement to not destroy x amount of trees, which in queensland means for farmers they are getting money for land which they are legally not allowed to deforest (due to the greenies hold on QLP), so win, win and no costs incured ($$$free money$$$). These agreements are worth alot of carbon credits.