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Power Balance Bracelet / wristbands / Pendants

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Watched this last night on Today Tonight....

    This is what it claims

    The channel 7 reporter reckons it works..

    Anyone tried or will try this??

    If so, post up if its a load of crap


  2. looks like one of them cheap 80's swatch watches..
    Its placebo id say.. i dont buy into this crap myself, but if people believe it helps them then more power to them.
  3. Looks like the modern version of a mood ring.
  4. Put one on each of your handlebars for an easy 20-30 kilowatts :p

    seriously what a load of .... I saw the program too and it looked like a bunch of tricks a personal trainer could get you to do.
  5. i know, thats why i want to see if someone here has tried it to get an honest opinion
  6. Hi people.
    I have a store on Harbord Road, Northern beaches, Sydney and been a re-seller of the Power balance bands for about 6 weeks.
    They are the real deal.

    Yes $59.95
    Look them up on youtube.
    PM me for a free play with the thing.
  7. ok, a cynic would say that as a reseller that's exactly what you would say.

    I wonder what would happen if after the first unbalancing move, the 2nd was done exactly the same as the first.
  8. just proves its a crock, how quick was he to find this thread and make it his 1st post, its on google so not hard to find this, and for the record, we are $ not £

    scientology are coming to get us
  9. Who falls for this crap seriously?

    I'm selling a magical window. If you lick it happines will come and I wont punch a dog. Give mah yo monez!

  10. How the fluck did it get on google so fast??

    I made up a word that had NO HITS so I could test Google's powers... the thread did not get indexed for almost two weeks!

  11. I've done a bit of research on these, got interested as if it did what they claimed, my gimp arm would love me.

    It's a 100% placebo bracelet. I'm guessing the host who did some 'wonder stuff' was used because he thought they would work (or may have been 'tested' to see which people the placebo bands work with)

    I recall a similar thing in primary school that you could turn far as you could and a "wonder wand" touching you, you'd move a little bit further blah blah. A few things they show that are "miracle like" are great placebo induced events. Not so good once you read they are placebo. Honestly, don't spend your money on it unless you truly think they work, you might be lucky enough to be one of the ones it works on.

    And funnily enough, emailing vendors with "is there any sort of money back guarantee if it doesn't work at all? I WILL buy it if it works" got no reply from 2 vendors
  12. Swatch Watch. :LOL:
  13. wow they sure are awesome!...but 60 bucks is a bit steep.

    i'll sell you a bag of magic beans for just 30 dollars...that's half the price of the watch!...and a special discount for special Netriders...these beans do exactly the same thing ...just place them up your nose or in your ears or up your arse ...and experience awesome power like never before...pm me if you want some.
  14. My mate brought one of these around lastnight and I did the tests for strength and balance, with and without bracelet.

    It seems to make you stronger and more flexible but Im very sure its a placebo effect.
    I just can't see how a hologram can alter your bodies frequency?
  15. [​IMG]

    Power. Strength. Flexibility.

  16. His original post was better, touting the weight loss benefits.

    'Buy a Power Balance Braceletp and lose 60 pounds forever!'
  17. Holograms don't have a "frequency" & nothing you see on Today Tonight/60 mins/ACA is ever remotely true, even the old story about all bikers being really soft on the inside & giving kids toys at Christmas time.
  18. I have tried them, they work... however it is not some kind of "frequency". I have Looked into it. The weight of the watch is designed to help your brain in deciphering your other senses inputs. The weight allows you to get more detail on the position of your body (A point of reference for your brain is the watch), allowing better balance. Anything can do it, it is just a weight with a pretty picture!!!
    science disgused as magic!!!
  19. So by that reasoning you need one for each arm and each leg so that you are not out of balance???
  20. No, the weight is so small that it dosnt effect your balance. It is just something to concentrate on. it is like on a bike, balancing going slow. If you focus on a point in the distance you can balance... its all about focus. The watch/pendant is something for you to concentrate your thoughts on, as opposed to being all over the place. they teach it in martial arts aswell.. focus and balance