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power and clutch wheelie help?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hyo_duc, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. #1 hyo_duc, Jun 13, 2010
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    ok i have scoured this site and the web on power and clutch wheelies

    i am keen to learn but keen for advice

    firstly i would like to ask, like the MCN wheelie vid on youtube for begginners, when he talks about slipping the clutch whilst in first gear.. does he keep the accelerator on whilst popping the clutch? or does he let go? i am confused

    also in regards to which is better.. i no their is no definate answer, but it seems clutch is actually better as its less reverse then forward strain on components once the technique is good
    can anyone second that?


    cant wait to learn...
    so far i can power wheelie about roughly a foot to foot and half high

    btw my baby is a 08 gsxr600
  2. Accelerate, slip the clutch while keeping throttle in same position. Let the revs go a few k higher (depending on what gear ur in and how much lift u want) and drop the clutch back. Whole deal shouldnt take more than a second. Be careful though, and always keep ur foot on the back brake, ready to use it if the front goes too high.
  3. It's a gixxer. You just need to press the wheelie button.
  4. hey thanx heaps, have to make sure im doing it right ey :p
    ill let u no how i go.. hoping on good weather though

    ps. love the last comment hha
  5. :rofl:
  6. I can teach ze wheelie. The fee is boobs or bourbon.
  7. To cheap Chef! It should be Big boobs AND Bourbon, mate!
  8. LMAO.....it's all relative mate, Big Boobs will get you big wheelies, little boobs will get you little wheelies. So if they want to impress their mates they first need to impress me :LOL:
  9. Ok Chef, start teaching!

    On my TRX it will only clutch up in first, but on your Gixxer I would try it in second first, if that doesn't work, try first, but as has been said, keep your foot on the brake tro bring it back down if you go too far.

    With power wheelies are you just hammering on the throttle or chopping/WOT?

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  10. Those are epic boobs, I'll teach clutch ups and balance point for those!!!
  11. I'll second that as proof. ;)
  12. Gotta love the wheelies... I was havin heaps of trouble poppin it up with the clutch even on my R1... Every time I tried I just ended up spinning the back wheel and never got any lift with the front...
    I spent a touch over half an hr with Willis a stunt teacher up here in brissy and since then just practice practice practice and I have nearly got it down pat...

    Spend the dosh dude (if u can't find any1 who will do it for free) and get a lesson or 2.. Makes it heaps easier if u got an ole cheapo dirt bike to practice/learn on till u get the feel of the ballance point that way if u do flip it, it won't be ya pride and joy...

    Just my 2cents
  13. This thread is now about motorboating.....
  14. Cool.

  15. any blokes in Sydney that teach this stuff, i wouldnt mind a few lessons, i can get it up easily but freak out when it gets too high :)

  16. Easy there dastrix - some would read this as some serious boasting on your part mate (y)
    Oh yes, good luck with the wheelies :grin:
  17. no clutching it up until you master power wheelies.
  18. Throttle control grasshopper,
    throttle control ;)