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VIC Powelltown to Noojee

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by BENNY THE JET, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Today rode to Noojee and came across many more pot holes than usual,had a heads up from a mate.
    If you hit one could cause all sorts of shit,dodge them well. BIG HOLE.PNG

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  2. Ive found the roads here in Vic to be breaking up badly right now
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  3. GreyBMGreyBM wrecked two wheels on that road, lucky he didn't crash too.

    Take care.
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  4. BENNY THE JETBENNY THE JET - Thanks for the heads up! Was going to head down that way next weekend.

    Are they the same few near the end of the road that have been there for ages?
  5. The two closest to Noojee that were extra large haven't re-appeared.Lots of new ones along that stretch i haven't seen before.Nothing major just
    thought i would post it up for those new to the two wheels.If you hit one at speed could bounce you off into the shit.
  6. Was a great road about 7 yrs ago but has been getting worse with heavy logging use
  7. The roads are getting bad since the end of the drought ,we had many dry and mild winters for a long period and low road maintenance got away with it. Sealed roads break up very quickly once water gets under the sealed layer of bitumen through cracks,every time a car or truck goes over it the water is forced outwards and up lifting the surface . motorcycles of course do no damage but pay a ridiculous share of maintenance via registration .