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Powdercoating bike bits

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by robbied, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Im thinking of powdercoating my frame and swingarm. Does anyone know any good powdercoaters (who have coated automotive bits before) around S.E. melbourne? Has anyone done this before? How much am I looking at?

  2. I got my Blade swingarm done for $60, Sydney though
  3. Okay thats a good starting point price wise. Anything special involved in preparing it for them to coat?
  4. Another question if I may for the more mechanically apt folk:

    How hard will it be for me (a novice) to remove the frame from the bike? More importantly, how hard will it be to put it all back together again?

    Do I need any special tools? Will I need to replace any seals and/or gaskets?

  5. U should be able to do it with nothing but a shifter. Althou your prolly need a decent socket set for the main bolt.

    No gaskets there might be bushes(whihc dont need replacing anyway),
    end of the day its not that compicalted but its a bit of work easier if u got somoene to hold stuff for ya.
  6. What frame is it?

    I got a bike done a few years ago and I wasn't terribly impressed with the results.

    To be honest I think I'd be inclined to paint or e-coat a frame next time because powder coating by its nature doesn't get into tight places.

    You also need a very clean (grit blasted) frame.

    Unfortunate e-coat is (was a 3 years ago) only available in black. It is very, very hard however. I'm not sure what you would have to do about bearing surfaces however.
  7. Thanks for the insight Zbike and ibast.

    Its a 98 blade frame. I would get it grit blasted first. I will look into this e-coat.

    Roughly how much am I looking at to grit blast/powdercoat a frame?
  8. For an aluminum frame you could go anodised.

    I'm not sure how you would prep the frame for any finish. Grit blasting may leave a rough surface.

    I'm guess something like $200 for the blast and $400 for the coat, though they are very rough figures. Could be $50 and $800 for example, though I doubt it.
  9. I had my cb900 frame done about 3 years ago now. $280 all up (swing arm too) Bearing surfaces need to be masked first with gaffer tape to protect against the media-blasting, then once that's done, aluminium tape to mask the powder-coat (and withstand the oven temps). I've had lots of stuff done. Engine covers-brake calipers-fork legs etc, and all of it has turned out well. More durable than paint - especially the brake parts.

    Still looks as good as new :wink:

  10. I just had a BSA Bantam frame and parts done (swingarm etc.) in gloss black and am very happy with the results and was quite cheap, all up only $120!
  11. have you guys got any contacts details for these places.

    cheers stewy :)
  12. Rapid Powder Coating
    2 Colling Crt
    Long Gully VIC 3550

    They do a lot of car, Hotrod and bike stuff and have a turnaround of about 3-4 days and a great colour selection. Frame must be stripped down as far as possible, steering head bearings removed etc. and if it contains grease or oil inside the frame should be thoroughly cleaned out first. They will mask any areas you point out, sandblast and then powder coat it. I can even give a pic below!
    After. The frame was already quite good but the rear frame extension was extensively modified (it is now a Bobber) and the swingarm had paint flaking off though it doesn't look so bad in the pic. I am extremely happy with how it came up, quite glossy and the photo doesn't do it justice! There was a box of small parts done as well.
  13. hey dude...i have had a few frames done steel and aluminium, frame and swinger should be around $250, the thing to remember is to make sure u either mask up the bits u dont want covered or replace tapped screw holes with old screws than can be removed later and replaced with ur new ones so the threads do not fill with powder coat ..some coaters will do this for u, some will not.
    with abike such as yours there is alot of little parts to come off,,u will be suprized how much makes up a bike...the key is take photos, especially of your wiring and plugs and where they sit and wrap around the frame as for fuel lines and throttle and clutch set ups..a badly routed cable can be a big pain, no special tools should be needed..but i say this! get a good set of sockets and or ring spanners as well as allen keys and i love my impact driver but not a nessesity..no shifters!!! work in a big area have lots of zip bags on hand and lable them and good boxes..u will need assistance removing your engine,a blade engine would weigh at least 80kgs do this b4 the suspention is removed it will be easier.

    when bike is at the coaters clean the rest and replace any crap bolts make sure when re asembly that every thing is oil and grease free as it can fog powder coating..when replacing the engine sit somthing in the or against the frame to strop it from chipping the frame if it gets bumped when refitting..i hope this helps
  14. Thanks for the replies guys thats very helpful! It comes down to finding time to take apart the bike soon. Once again, thanks!