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VIC Potholes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twistngo, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. From the Age

    DRIVERS should prepare for more road potholes, cracking asphalt and patched surfaces after a dramatic slashing of the state's maintenance plans, VicRoads engineers have warned.

    The move is likely to lead to VicRoads cutting speed limits on some roads as they deteriorate.

    The warning by the engineers comes as the Baillieu government prepares to cut about 450 staff from the road authority - with a leaked draft report acknowledging this would lead to a drop in customer service.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/warning-bumpy-roads-ahead-20120819-24glw.html#ixzz243RPh0X9

    In the UK MCN had a biggest pothole competition to try and shame the government into doing something. maybe its time for that here.
  2. These people are just a f##king embarrassment to the human race
  3. hmmm wonder if the public will take to suing the govt for allowing of roads to become dangerous due to lack of maintenance?
  4. Where does all our money go for registration, fuel, stamp duty, etc - not on the roads hey!
  5. I travel over at least 100 pot holes a day to work, not an exaggeration..and that's just from Cranbourne to Crib Point (for those that know the are). This is ****ing ridiculous.
  6. because Vicroads customer service is amazing as it is now :LOL:
  7. they haven't in NSW, so I doubt they will in Vic.
  8. this disappoints me greatly.
  9. Roads effectively becoming unsealed, you beauty!!
    From a vStrom rider of course :)
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  10. Sensational. :roll:

    They can find all the money they need for every hair brained speeding campaign... yet the most significant benefit to road safety, that being safe roads, is being given a shove. :roll:

    I spotted one of the biggest potholes on a freeway just on the weekend - it's potentially a car mag wheel bender - right on the right tyre track heading East. http://goo.gl/maps/QavmG

    I'd hate to hit it with the motorbike.
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  11. I love how my money from registration costs go back into the roads...
  12. There's one or two pretty bad ones hugging the tram tracks on Plenty road around the Preston areas that have been there for a while now. The kind that would probably throw your off your bike if you hit them.
  13. The mornington peninsula has shocking shocking road conditions.. and now they've slashed funding?

    what the ****?? who's going to pay for the damage to my bike if i hit one of them and get ****ed up. (obviously i avoid them at all costs but its the principle of the matter)
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  14. Funny how there's always an endless supply of money to keep the politicians and public service upper management types on the gravy train, but there's never any money to do the actual work they're supposed to do....
  15. With the rain the other day the roads around Sunbury acquired some lovely potholes. I was lucky enough to be in the car when I hit them because if I was on the bike I would have been in some trouble.
    I wonder who's going to be paying for wear and tear on the car and bike when the roads damage them.

    Who can we complain to about this?
  16. With deterioration, these holes will take alot more money to fix in the long run.
    Morno/Flinders rd just out of Red Hill towards Main ridge (outside apple orchard market thingy) has a reasonable stretch that need doing twice a year.

    Thing is all the work is contracted. Contractors do an ok job, then they have to come back in 6 months and do it again.
    "oh, but it's sooo much more financially beneficial" says the desk jockeys in Council.
    Pigs arse!
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  17. What the utter ****? They've got millions to piss up against the wall with stupid speed related ads but when it comes to the most basic, fundamental aspect of road-safety (you know, the actual road itself..) they can't be arsed and want to lower speed limits instead?

    Don't you bastards have the highest income by a very significant amount from all the speed-cameras VicRoads has put in? What a load of shit - they should be thrown out of office.
  18. Doesn't pretty much all of the rego fee in Vic go to the TAC?
  19. Pretty much correct. About $40 goes to Vicroads for administration of the registration system, not roads.

    Kind of interesting that this is Vicroads way of waging a media campaign against the government. This is Vicroads saying that we the public will be stuck with bad roads and lower limits as a result of the government's decision to cut Vicroads jobs. Their spokesperson was scathing of the foolishness of the policy decision this morning.
    Under the circumstances, it's probably the only tactic they have available.
  20. Maybe they are saving money in order to buy thousands of those 'rough surface' and 'driver caution' signs you see on the sides of the roads.
    Covers their asses nicely!

    What a bunch of Sally Hunts!
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