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Pothole blamed for motorcycle rider's death - Manila

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. There's probably a few other factors involved in this rider fatality, but a pot hole is implicated in the initiating event. Poor bugger.

    Beware potholes.

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    Pothole blamed for motorcycle rider's death

    Posted at 09/27/2013 9:54 AM

    MANILA – A motorcycle rider died in a vehicular accident in Quezon City.
    The motorcycle rider died after being run over by Jerson Maghanoy's 10-wheeler truck along E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue in Barangay Ugong.
    Maghanoy blamed a pothole for the accident. He said it was already too late for him to hit the brakes when the rider fell after running over the pothole.
    The truck also blamed the lack of warning device and poor lighting in the area for the accident. – report from Jacque Manabat, ABS-CBN News
  2. The roads are pretty crazy over there. There's really no such things as lanes and speed limits and even if you were caught for something illegal, you could probably get away with it by paying off the cop.

    Forget about riding a bike, I'd be afraid to even drive there.
  3. Manilla ? Aren't there many people killed on he roads on a regular basis there ?
    What's the point ? Fill me in.
  4. The point is, old mate, shit happens.
  5. Gosh, a road traffic fatality in Asia due to poor roads.
    Well I'm flabbergasted..
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  6. That's nasty, poor bugger. Hope it was quick for his sake.
  7. Hope they fix the roads down to PI before the MotoGP weekend.
  8. That is BS, you are supposed to be able to stop in time, if its bad surface you should allow for that. Manslaughter charges should be filed
  9. VMC Chief Marshal is doing a survey with VicRoads shortly to identify any concerns. Feel free to contact the VMC with the location of any you've noted.
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  10. I'll drive just about anywhere, Vietnam, Laos, mainland China, Jakarta......

    But Manila is one place where I really don't want to drive. And I've tried it, so I know for a fact I _really_ don't want to drive in Manila!
  11. just got back from a day weekend at Inverloch, drove to PI, we must live in 'snailsville' cause a snail would get to PI before the new roads are completed down there, the road just in from the bid round about gets crappy very quickly and speed signs for 40kmh are up , yep, very uneven road surface, very embarrassing actually, international visitors will be laughing at us. Riding down this year will be allowing some extra time for road caused slow traffic
  12. I don't know if it's an urban myth or real. But I have heard of local councils in Australia being sued by motorcyclists for breaching their duty of care by not appropriately sign posting roadworks, gravel and rough surfaces.
  13. I noticed today they were doing some work on the Island near the General store but there's a lot of large potholes on both the Sth Gippy & Bass Highways that need filling or proper repairing over the next week or so.