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Potentially the funniest thing you will ever read.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by screwball, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Well, I just saw the funniest thing I think I've ever seen.

    I was heading down the QLD motorway (M1) on the gold coast just a couple of minutes ago when I witnessed this.

    I was in the left lane just cruising at about 110 or thereabouts (100k zone) when I see in my mirror this set of lights coming, and coming very fast.

    I am then almost blown clean off the road by a pseudo-4wd like a Kluger or something of that nature doing something in the area of 170kph down the right hand lane of the motorway.

    I say to myself "You F**KIN idiot" as he whips past. I watch him zing past and away he goes.

    Approximately 100m down the motorway there's a car (incorrectly) travelling in the right hand lane doing around about the speed limit. The speedracer guy flies up to him constantly flicking his highbeams on and off getting closer and closer. He starts tailgating (the left lane is totally empty mind you) and swerving rapidly from left to right.

    Then without warning he does the "bodyroll lanechange" into the left lane (you know the one i mean, the one where the car seems like it's about to tip over from the sudden change of direction) with no indicator, then almost takes the front of this car out when he whips back into the right lane again.

    As he starts accelerating off into the distance, the RED N BLUES come on from the car he just passed and he's PULLED OVER BY THE BIG 5-0!!!

    At this point I'm almost dying with laughter, as this guy is about to get reamed like no roadgoing person has been reamed before. I slow down considerably (around 80kph) while they pull over. As I approach I notice he's got his window down so I raise my visor and continue to belt out the most hearty laugh I can possibly muster. I laugh with a lot of enthusiasm and this guy heard all of it.

    I continued to laugh as he gave me the finger as I rode off, laughing uncontrollably.

    I can only DREAM of what this guy is going to have done to him. Even if he was heading for a very large emergency, he negated that excuse upon swerving and changing lanes dangerously, as he would have swapped out into the left lane a long time earlier if he was truly in a hurry not just bing a wanker.

    Anyway, that's my story. I hope you all giggle as much as I did.

    And yes, I know I'm immature for laughing but goddamnit, he got everything he deserved and at that point, i was so thankful that SOMEONE finally did whilst I was there to witness it.

  2. what's immature about laughing when idiots confirm their idiocy??? :LOL:
  3. Man you just made my night!! Serves him right!
  4. Absolutely! It's so nice to see a dickhead actually get karma'd like that.

  5. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. And the cop should fine himself for failing to keep left. They're both retards.
  7. Good point. There is something of a case for incitement there, given that the cop was breaking the law.

  8. Out of interest, what is the specific law being broken? Failing to keep left?

    Isn't it great though when a plan comes together?
  9. Check Rule 305 in Part 19 - Exemptions in: Transport Operations (Road Use Management—Road Rules) Regulation 1999
  10. Couldn't you just post it here?

  11. You mean this one:


    305 Exemption for drivers of police vehicles

    (1) A provision of this regulation does not apply to the driver of a police vehicle if--

    (a) in the circumstances--

    (i) the driver is taking reasonable care; and

    (ii) it is reasonable that the provision should not apply; and

    (b) if the vehicle is a motor vehicle that is moving--the vehicle is displaying a blue or red flashing light or sounding an alarm.

    (2) Subsection (1)(b) does not apply to the driver if, in the circumstances, it is reasonable--

    (a) not to display the light or sound the alarm; or

    (b) for the vehicle not to be fitted or equipped with a blue or red flashing light or an alarm.

    In which case - maybe no case for incitement after all.

  12. Yep that's the one. :cool:
  13. Freakn hilarious!

    I've done my fair share of overtaking at speed. Yes it scares you if you're not prepared for it but as long as they're doing it safely (eg on the straight, full vision, good distance, doing it quickly) it would be ok, as long as there is enough time to see them coming, from checking the mirrors.

    And if the numpty was cruising in the right hand lane when they shouldn't be, I'll sure as hell highbeam their ass too.

    I can imagine it happening to me when I break it down like that.. But I'd still probably laugh too if it was a cager.
  14. In Vic, his 4wd would get a ride on a Towtruck.
  15. Fabulous story.

    Was it a Ford Territory?

    Territory drivers seem over-represented in my informal 'arseholes on the road' statistics.
  16. I got rammed up the ass by a kluger, which resulted in the loss of my most favourite ever car. He deserves everything he gets for driving a kluger. I assume the cop was unmarked?
  17. This argument has been had elsewhere on this site, involving some of our serving members in blue.

    Key phrase from this selection is the "reasonable... not to display the light or sound the alarm"

    Basically means they can't be done for anything, as long as they can establish that not having flashers and siren going was "reasonable" in the circumstances - like they were not on their way to a call or in any particular hurry, so why would they reasonably be expected to have lights etc going?

    Still, nice to see twats getting shafted. (Wow, that was a much more graphic metaphor than I intended!)
  18. You slightly off target. the exemption test in this case would be against not keeping left. So the test is; would it be reasonable that they wear not keeping left? It would be pretty hard to argue as clearly the left lane was clear and they were only doing the speed limit. "Reasonable" is tested pretty strictly by the courts.

    Still no other cop is going to book them, so it's not going to be tested.
  19. haha you've made my day :)
  20. Karma is great. That would have been more satisfying than eating a snickers.

    I'm not 100% sure about this, but if someone is doing the speed limit in the right hand lane, then technically nobody can pass them because to do so then they'd have to go over the speed limit?

    I can understand if a car was crawling in the right hand lane holding up traffic, but if is travelling at the speed limit in the RHL then it is more an issue of courtesy to the speeding driver behind you is it not? I mean, it is illegal (or bad practice?) to overtake on the left, and it is also bad practice (illegal?) to hog the right lane, but it is flat out illegal to speed. In order to overtake a vehicle travelling at the speed limit, regardless of what lane they are occupying, the vehicle wanting to overtake would have to exceed the speed limit.

    I always drive in the left lane unless overtaking, but in this scenario I'm not sure what the problem is.