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Potentially stupid question.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Lurker, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. But it has to be asked :oops:

    I suspect I have done something rather stupid :oops: :oops:

    I ride to work (my partners ZZR250). Yesterday I decided to leave the bike locked in our garage and take a work ute home. So I rode it down our rather steep driveway and into our (full) garage and left it parked there.

    So this morning, I realised that I can't turn the bike around in the garage to ride it out - not enough room to turn around, even for a 15 point turn. And the chances of me being able to push the bike (backwards even) UP said steep driveway are none and FA. There are two other chicks in the office today, so not much help there either.

    So is there an obvious solution I am missing? Or am I really as dumb as I feel? :facepalm:

    Next problem is how to get some sort of (hopefully) helpful response here and get the thread deleted before said parter (also a NR member) sees what I have done to his bike? :LOL:
  2. You haven't said (I don't think) what's stopping you from turning the bike around. If its between a couple of cars can you have them moved? Otherwise I think your safest option is to "confess" and accept your "punishment" :wink: as I don't think your partner would like someone else dropping the bike attempting to help you.

    Good luck.
  3. hmm...I'm confused...can you draw us a diagram? :LOL:

    This works really well, HOWEVER, given that:

    1. It isn't your bike;
    2. You've probably never done said manoeuvre before;
    3. You'll never live it down if you drop it;

    It may be best to just fess-up. :)
  4. (note to self, include this in the 'how to lift a dropped bike' workshop')


    I'd fess up too, better than having it end in tears of hilarity than anguish :)
  5. Well I can fess up (and never live it down :oops: ), but that doesn't help me get it out.

    The rotating on a side stand thing wouldn't work even if I had the balls to try it (I don't, btw) because there isn't enough room - I only just had enough room to get off the bike when I parked it. And it still didn't occur to me at the time that it was a bad idea :roll:

    What is stopping me from turning it is big wooden shelves of furniture and stuff, not really moveable.

    JtS... I could draw a diagram, but I draw about as well as I apparently park bikes :wink: . It's parked surrounded by stuff making it impossible to go forward or turn around, and behind it is a steep driveway that I can't 'reverse' up.

    The more I think about this, the more stupid I feel. At first it was just somewhat embarrassing, but slightly amusing. Now I really don't know what I am going to do. Not so funny now, but I am sure it will be one of those 'funny in hindsight' things :roll:
  6. I don't know how to describe this process:

    Sit on the bike....
    put it in neutral...
    hold the front brake on...
    push down hard on the front suspension...
    when the suspension pushes back and up, release the front brake...
    you should move backward a bit...
    put the brake back on and do it again and again until you move back up the hill...
    I have done this myself a couple of times (and I wll not admit to anyone why I had to :) )

    I hope this describes it properly.
    Good luck.
  7. Fess up. Get partner to do it and you help. Sounds like a 2 person job. Be prepared for him to "use it against you" for quite a while. Some of us bloke need a bit of leaverage sometimes :LOL:
  8. Use the reverse gear :rofl: :smileysex:
  9. You could always have it bronzed and donate it as a statue. :LOL:
    It isn't going anywhere as it is. :p
  10. The bouncing reverse thing works but not well on really steep slopes.

    I would stop any passing bloke or blokes and asking for help. Get them to help you back it out and turn it around, then back it back inot the park, ready for you to ride off safely tonight.

    Be very careful turning the bike around while on the slope, as it is very easy to drop a bike in this situation, when your downhill foot can't reach the ground. Better if you are off the bike, with those blokes supporting it.

    Good luck.

    PS: Next time, turn around before you get on to the slope, and back it down the slope into the park, either sitting on it or walking beside it, using the front brake to control the speed.
  11. Oh believe me, he'll use it! He doesn't get much (leverage, that is), so he won't let me off lightly I suspect :?

    I might try frodg's idea (it's not REALLY steep, just too steep for me to be able to 'walk' the bike backwards up the hill).... failing that I guess the other half will be taking a drive to my work today :oops: . Though he may want to opt for 2wheels bronzing suggestion?? :wink:

    I reckon I have made enough of a tool of myself today even admitting this on a public forum without providing photographic evidence :wink:

    That's what the gay guy I work with suggested :LOL:

    Yeah, that's the good idea I had. This morning :roll:
  12. And to make life even more excellent, I just went to see what I could do to get it out and realised I left the bike keys at home :cry:

    I'm not stupid, honest! :oops: Just having a very bad day...
  13. I'd like to find out the end to the saga... so let us know :)
  14. :rofl:

    ...laughing WITH you....honest :grin:

    meh, when I have days like that, I give up. Save fixing the problem for tomorrow. :)
  15. I am about as 'newbie' as you can get. And I can assure you that I WILL make so many stupid mistakes you'd think I left my brain at the last intersection.
    However, as much as I sympathise with you... and would like to say " I'm laughing with you" ...
    I'd be bullshitting you..

    that said ..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    sorry mate, on the upside... I needed a laugh today, so thanks
  16. Ok, so it ended like this;

    After realising keys were at home, went to take work car home to get them. Then realised that due to lack of keys, I could not get into house. Decided I would have to go via partners work to pick up house keys from him.

    Spoke to partner, and like the knight in shining armour he is, he left work (he finishes earlier than me), went home, got bike keys, came back here, got bike unstuck and took it home, leaving the car for me (thought I would reward him for being so good to me :wink:).

    On the upside, in the meantime a big truck came and took away a lot of the stuff surrounding the bike, so it wasn't AS stuck any more. Still not enough room to turn around in, but enough for him to be able to reverse it out and swing the front around before the driveway got too steep.

    JtS.... probably should have taken your advice on the 'giving up' part - Did I mention I am also pretty certain I got a speed camera ticket in the work ute this morning? :roll:

    Glad I provided you with the laugh VCM :grin:
  17. I'll be honest. I laughed too :p But like all good stories, they lived happily ever after :wink:
  18. Have you learnt anything from this experience???