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Potential Purchase BMW F800R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Gooza, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Hi All, Looking for some general feedback on a bike I'm looking at, and value of same.

    Its a 2010 Model BMW F 800 R in immaculate condition with only 4000km on the clock

    2010 BMW F 800 R for sale

    All I need from a bike is some thing I can pillion on and with a reasonably upright position to head to the hills and maybe some longer rides. I dont commute, and at 5' 10", I want to be able to flat foot with pillion on the back. And not spend a fortune.

    The front headlight assy. however is pretty fugly though.

    Could get it for $7500 with NO rego, so needs to be registered. Tyres are probably petified after 5-6 years too.

    Comments / Flaming ??
  2. Hmm..do you like this colour?

    What others have you short listed?
  3. I'd spend a little extra on an MT09, probably be a lot more fun and you could get a 2014 model for around 9k.
  4. MT-09 is shit for 2-up, particularly unless you want to start spending $$ sorting the suspension, way too soft.
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  5. Have you ridden it yet? Does it do anything for you? Should be other contenders in that price range of it doesn't...
  6. Its sold now, and Lazy, I really liked the orange. Looking at another one in silver. But I'm traditionally a procrastinator and over thinker on such things.

    Haven't ridden either of them Chilli, 1st seller wouldn't allow it, and whilst looking at a silver one today, farken son cracked the shits and wouldn't let me ride it. Kids.

    But it seems to tick all my boxes, lightish, not too bigish, naked, enough grunt, and nice fat seat to park my son or wife on.

    I'm simply not a fan of the v/l twins.

    I'm not after the quickest bike, far from it. Just want a bit more grunt when pillioning at 80 - 100 klicks, and a bonus if it has a rear rack and top box.
  7. I find the F800 a little "buzzy" ( particularly over 100kph) - your certainly feel it at 110 on the hwy. Mine ( a F800GT) is not a happy bike around town ( 1st to tall) - chain drive on f800r may be different. Great bike from at 80kph and up. Fuel economy is great - I get an easy minimum of 320+/tank and would start to get worried around 350km. Have not carried a pillion on it yet. Key factors for me were lower centre of gravity , the ABS and just ok for my height. I nearly bought a VFR800 instead but found it a little top heavy for me seeing I was returning to riding. Also considered a Suzuki 1250 - and would have bought it - but thought it would be too large ( power wise etc) given my lengthy break from riding. It felt comfortable and seemed to have a lower centre of gravity than the 650's

    One downside of the f800gt that I find annoying is there is very limited under seat storage ( I suggest you take whatever you have stashed on you Honda when you look at bikes and see if it fits). My F800 has a fake tank and apart from the battery being there ( 7 torque screws to get to it) I suspect there is a lot of potential storage space which is wasted.
  8. I appreciate your honesty here GoozaGooza ,but I think you're getting you rear rack and top box a little confused

    ..................... just saying.
  9. No worries, sorted it.

    Here to help. Lionz.
  10. I test rode a F800R a few years back and it was FUN. Was a couple of hour ride in the Gold Coast hinterland and that bike was made for the twisties.
    Like and nimble - just fun.
    Test ride one. They aren't the most inspiring on paper, but are much better than the sum of their parts.
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  11. Hi MazaMaza , appreciate any comments you may have on the F800R
  12. Hi Gooza
    Perhaps not the best looking bike around, mine is 2013 model ( still getting used to the funny headlights) but the bike is sound. Great on twisties and nimble for commuting. At 170cm I find the seat height particularly good and comfy for longer rides. Ergonomically great
    Enough power for me, l haven't tried her over 150kph. Very happy with German precision:)

    Good luck with your decision, take a test ride. The newer models have pretty ordinary color scheme so l opted for the older model.
  13. I've got a rear rack and a tail bag on my F800R. It's the ducks guts.
  14. I have the F800S. Same engine and build quality, slightly different riding position.

    The bike is great in the twisties, the parallel 360 degree firing twin is torquie, but not overly powerful. However I can overtake anyone doing 100 easily in gears 3 to 6, fantastic low centre of gravity, great build quality, and over 390km before you get a warning to say you only have 95km left.

    It's s great quality bike, with a comfortable riding seat.